The Van Was Also Covered in a Tarp.

I couldn’t have been up for longer than about an hour when I began getting the most amazing migraine.  The first half started at the base of my skull and the rest took the form of a visual aura … just, y’know, to make sure the front of my head didn’t feel left out.

I’m still fighting off some of it now, so I’m keeping this short.  I give you Haifaa Al-Mansour – a female Saudi film director.  She had already completed three shorts and a documentary when she broke new ground by completing a feature-length film.

A new film giving a glimpse of Saudi Arabia has been made by a woman director and its lead character is a 10-year-old girl.

Haifaa Al-Mansour, without her protective covering.

Director Haifaa Al-Mansour had challenges directing in a country where women cannot drive, are severely restricted in what they can wear in public, and need a male chaperone to travel.

She told BBC News she had to direct the film from inside a van.

I’m just going to let that statement stand on its own. See you tomorrow.

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One Response to The Van Was Also Covered in a Tarp.

  1. Dan Adler says:

    Sounds fascinating. At QFest two years ago, I saw a film called “Circumstance” (link below) which featured a story about a pair of young women who fell in love. In IRAN. Worth the viewing.

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