A Gun to Their Heads, Huh …

Michelle Shocked show in Portland canceled after anti-gay rant

Michelle is an alternative folk singer whose fan base was of a similar makeup to those of Tracy Chapman and the Indigo Girls.  Back in the 1990s she joined the West Angeles Church of God in Christ, and was “born again” a few years later.  Over the years, she went from considering herself “honored” to be thought of as an “honorary lesbian” by the gay community to a self-described “homophobe” based on the word of the bible.

So why is all of this important?

PORTLAND — The Alberta Rose Theatre in Northeast Portland canceled an upcoming show for folk singer Michelle Shocked after she went on an anti-gay rant during a March 17 show in San Francisco.

During the second set of a show at Yoshi’s, she told the audience she was weary of Christians hiding behind the cross, according to the Bay Area Reporter. She said she was “all about reality.”

Heh.  “All about reality” and quotes the bible.  I see a Reddit meme in there somewhere.

That’s Michelle Shocked. In the foreground, I mean. I have no idea
who those guys are behind her, but they look none too pleased.

Thing is, it wasn’t just an anti-gay rant.  It was more along the lines of a completely paranoid rant that happens when someone starts to come unglued.

“When they stop Prop 8 and force priests at gunpoint to marry gays, it will be the downfall of civilization and Jesus will come back,” she told an audience that gasped, according to the report.

Will they be glitter guns?  That would be fabulous.  Sorry, but I can’t even begin to take this seriously enough to respond like an adult.  This isn’t the first time I’ve heard things like this either, but it’s usually coming from your rank and file AM hate radio gang.

When challenged by the audience, she then said “You are going to leave here and tell people ‘Michelle Shocked said God hates faggots.'”

Well … that would constitute the executive summary.  I’d personally be more inclined to tell them about the “priests at gunpoint” thing, as you can already see.  Anyway, after Yoshi’s had to pull the plug on her after her little rant, the Alberta Rose Theater decided to cancel her upcoming show on April 25th.  In its place, they’re holding a benefit concert for Basic Rights Oregon … so I guess all’s well that ends well.

Some people commented on Alberta Rose Theater’s Facebook page and on the article linked in the title about a lack of respect for her First Amendment rights.  As far as I know, the police didn’t show up and arrest her.  She’s legally allowed to say what she said; however, others are legally allowed to respond by refusing to do business with her.  The proprietor of Yoshi’s pulled the plug on his own when he decided he didn’t want to be associated with a paranoid, homophobic, born again fundamentalist.  And Yoshi’s isn’t the only one:

Here’s the list of venues that have canceled Michelle Shocked’s scheduled performances that we were able to put together based on Twitter and the venue’s own listings. (This is not official and you should check before making any decisions or conclusions. Feel free to let us know of any additions or corrections)

Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland, OR
Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz, CA
Space in Evanston, Illinois
Meander’s Kitchen in Seattle
McCabe’s in Santa Monica
HopMonk in Novato, CA
Palms in Winters, California
Cozmic in Eugene, OR (not listed on site)
eTown Hall in Boulder, CO

There are possibly more.  She was scheduled for eleven shows, and eight (possibly nine) have canceled already.  The question is:  will she backpedal, or double down?

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2 Responses to A Gun to Their Heads, Huh …

    • She should go back and listen to her own audio. Right before going on about priests held at gunpoint being forced to carry out same sex weddings, she qualifies the view by calling it other people’s vantage point … and then immediately corrects herself to say it was hers too. Later on she refers to the bible as truth.

      If this was supposed to be “sarcastic” or “ironic”, that aspect of it was clearly lost on a lot of people there. And, after getting the response she did, you’d think she would have backed up and said something like, “Whoa guys, that was only a joke! I don’t actually feel that way!” Anything, really.

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