4 Responses to Bring Back the Lions!!

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  2. WannaBeRuth says:

    You are right that there are too many people out there getting self-righteous, calling themselves Christians, and trying to take on the role of judging the world for its sins. Now whether or not that person truly is a follower of Christ I cannot say because only God knows a person’s heart, but I can say that I am ashamed to be automatically associated with that personality because I am a Christian. A Christian’s job is to uphold ourselves and our BROTHERS from the temptation of sin (I guarantee failure does happen there because we are imperfect still). We are to do this so that we can set a loving example for the rest of the world and lead them to the Perfect Love, Mercy, Justice, and Forgiveness of God. But we are NOT to judge the world for its sins. Those ‘self-proclaimed judges’ are in violation of the very command given by Jesus not to judge others (Matthew 7). That is God’s job alone. One day we will ALL (every Christian included) stand before the Throne of God for the passing of Judgment, but our fate will not be decided on whether or not we have sinned. “For ALL have sinned and come short of the Glory of God” (Romans 3:23) At this point I recommend a reading of the entire passage of Romans 3, as it speaks of how NO Christian is more worthy or deserving of Heaven than any unbeliever, because by God’s Law at one point we have all lied, we have all lusted, and we have all had murderous hate in our hearts for another. So if we are to be judged by how good we are then we are ALL condemned to Hell. (Matthew 5)
    Example: If someone is taken to court for committing murder and leaving a family of children without their mother, the Judge does not take into account all the litter they’ve picked up, how many days a week they go to church, or how many stop signs they stopped for. It’s only the murder in question that the Judge looks at, and a judge wouldn’t be a fair judge if he let a murderer go free without payment for the crime. Someone has to pay the price.
    So if none are worthy, how in the world is there a whole world full of Christians who think we are going to Heaven!? Through the faith we put in Jesus Christ and His Forgiveness through the Sacrifice he made at the cross. “being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus: Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in His blood, to declare His righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God; To declare, I say, at this time His righteousness: that He might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.” (Romans 3:24-26) Remember how I said someone has to pay for the crime. Jesus did. The Judge who is perfectly Just (God) is also perfectly Merciful. He knows that we are incapable of meeting these standards on our own and so he looks down at the sinner on trial and offers him a plea bargain: Admit that you are guilty of your crime, take full responsibility for it, and repent of it (repentance means to turn our hearts from the love of sin for good ); then if you will trust me and believe in Him, I will give my own Son to take your place in Judgment, and through suffering, bloodshed, and death He shall pay the price for your sins. “For God so LOVED THE WORLD that He GAVE His ONLY begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16) The context of John 3 give this verse so much more power when read in full, and note that it says THE WORLD and WHOEVER; that means that ANYONE, ANYWHERE is allowed to partake of this gift, no matter what. No one has sinned too much to accept this gift. Before he became the Apostle Paul, he was a man named Saul, who went from place to place murdering anyone who professed faith in Jesus. He was guilty of Mass Genocide, the Hitler of his day, and even he was given the gift of life and forgiveness from Christ himself. Read Acts chapter 9, 22, and 26 for the full story.
    THIS is the beauty and the hope that we are so desperately trying to share with the world. Anyone without Christ in their heart is living a lonely and fearful life that they don’t have to. Some may not be willing to admit this but I know it’s true, because I remember being there, and it’s an existence I am glad to know I am NEVER going back to. God has me in his hands and there is nothing I can do that will make him let me go, because he has already accepted me at my worst. So what reason would he have to give me up should I make a mistake now and then? King David was called a “Man after God’s own heart”, known for his deep and passionate love for God that no other has surpassed, and even he had some low times AFTER his salvation. He committed adultery with the wife (Bathsheba) of one of his own soldiers, had the husband killed, and took her as his own. That’s a pretty bad thing to do. But God still loved him and when David had realized the depths of his sin and repented with vigor God had ALREADY forgiven him, though David’s action were not without consequence. You can read this full story in 2 Samuel chapters 11-12. This is proof that NO ONE can sin so much that God would give up on them, he never gives up.
    Being a Christian does not mean that we will never screw up, or make mistakes. You can verify that without my help. But it does mean an escape from the control of Satan and Sin. It means that we have someone to run to who will ALWAYS LOVE US no matter what we do, who catches every tear and cares for every broken heart we feel.
    I wouldn’t give that love up for the world, but I’ll gladly share it with anyone.

    • Hello, and thanks for your thoughtful reply. First, I appreciate that you and I can agree that people like the talking heads on Fox News or any given conservative AM radio show are hardly representative of mainstream Christianity. I generally make an effort to differentiate between the average Golden Rule / Sermon on the Mount Christian that comprises the majority of believers here in the US versus the much smaller – and far more vocal – fundamentalist minority intent on having creation taught in public schools and making the First Amendment apply only to their particular subset of faith. Sadly, they’re out there … and some politicians listen to what they have to say because of the campaign money they offer.

      I would personally be perfectly happy if every believer (with particular focus on the vocal minority) took Matthew 6:6 more to heart, lived their lives according to the example Jesus set forth in the four gospels, and left the legislation of this country to secular moral philosophy and rational discussion.

      I can’t agree with you that “Anyone without Christ in their heart is living a lonely and fearful life that they don’t have to.” From your perspective, this may have been true, but for me it was the opposite. During my entire youth, I kept calling out to God for an answer to a lot of things … some trivial, some very important. I never got anything back that I couldn’t say were my own thoughts answering back at me. After a while my beliefs changed, but eventually I realized at some point that I just stopped believing at all. The only way my life changed as a result was that I stopped looking to some divine power for answers or guidance and took that responsibility for myself.

      One last thing … as a non-believer, I’ve committed a worse sin than any believer could: impenitence. If you read Mark 3:28-30, Matthew 12:30-32, or Luke 12:8-10, you’ll see that “blasphemy against the holy spirit” – or basically, rejecting Jesus outright – is a sin that defies forgiveness. Such a thing would make sense if He appeared before me, performed the miracles, showed His divinity, and then asked me whether I believed. Asking me to do the same 2,000 years after the fact with only a text as supporting evidence is a tough sell. Truly, if God does exist, He would offer me the same courtesy He offered the apostle Thomas in John 20:24-29. I assume Thomas was saved, so it’s my hope that if Christianity is correct, I can have the same opportunity for conversion as he did.

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