What’s Gaelic for “Woo Hoo”?

The Constitutional Convention in Ireland was set up during the end of 2012 to develop and propose amendments for the Irish Constitution to send to the Oireachtas, their legislative body.  It’s a 100 member team consisting of members of Oireachtas (29), members of North Ireland political parties (4), and randomly selected citizens (66), and the guy with the gavel and the key to the restrooms.

On Sunday, they voted by a margin of about 4:1 to in favor of a referendum legalizing same-sex marriage.  The same percentage also voted in favor of establishing legal protections regarding benefits, inheritance, and the adoption of children.

A report will now be drafted and the recommendations of the Constitutional Convention will now go to Government.

After the report is officially sent to the Oireachtas, the Government are committed to responding within four months by way of a debate in the Oireachtas and if it agrees with the recommendation to amend the Constitution, to include a timeframe for a referendum.

So, it’s nothing close to a guarantee considering that the issue is being left to a popular vote, but the fact that this is being considered in a nation in which 84% of the population identifies as Roman Catholic is a sign of encouragement.  This trend mirrors the sentiment among Catholic voters in the US, where a recent Quinnipiac University poll showed support for same-sex marriage at about 54% – up from 38% about five years ago.

The decision wasn’t without notice, however.  Shortly after the news broke, the European weather service issued a tornado warning for the island nation.

The European Storm Forecast Experiment – also known as Estofex – says a level one warning is the lowest warning out of three, and says there’s just a 5% probability of a tornado hitting the country.

AP stock image of a tornado, since God couldn’t be bothered to follow through.

The news comes after Met Eireann earlier issued a weather warning, with wind speeds expected to reach over 110 kilometres per hour in some parts of the country today.

It sounds to me like God felt morally obligated to do something, but couldn’t really muster up the same old-fashioned fire and brimstone he used to during the days of Joshua and Samuel … so just sent some half-assed weather pattern their way and called it a night.  If it ended up forming a tornado, great; if not, then hey, nobody’s perfect.  I maintain that He must have been caught reading in the john on December 15, 1791 when the Bill of Rights – specifically, the First Amendment – went into effect in this country.  I mean, seriously … to what other explanation could we owe this nation’s existence when our Founding Fathers deliberately put wording into the Constitution that allowed people the freedom of worship?

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