You Forgot Joseph

Not happy with simply signing the crippling anti-abortion bill that will, among other things, reiterate the claim that life begins at conception, and force doctors to lie to their patients and say that abortion causes breast cancer, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) added his own personal touch to some of his notes on the bill.

Before Brownback signed HB 2253 into law at a ceremony at the statehouse on Friday, an AP photo reveals that he made a few additions of his own in his notes on the bill. He typed out some phrases — “building a culture of life,” and “all human life is sacred” — that he ended up using in his speech to abortion opponents before approving the legislation, and he also scribbled “JESUS + Mary” at the top of the paper (second enlarged image via Gawker)

I flipped it to make the text easier to read. The bullet items read as follows:

  • Eliminate all tax breaks for abortion providers and tightens the ban on tax dollars going to any activity connected to providing abortions.  [ … they’re banning Planned Parenthood like many other Republican states, regardless of the good they do.]
  • Declares as a matter of state policy that life begins at fertilization.  [ … were any doctors or medical communities consulted about this decision?]  
  • Codifies in the law the women’s right to know book that we wrote and KDHE requires to be given to any woman seeking an abortion.  [ … here’s a document you have to sign that certifies we showed you a picture of the precious little snowflake you’re going to murder.  You’ll also get breast cancer.]
  • Disallows abortion providers from participating in any public education.  [… like comprehensive sex education programs that talk about STIs, how to avoid them, and the responsible use of contraception.  So much for a woman’s “right to know”; you have the “right to know” only what we want you to.]
  • Bans sex selection abortions.  [… which is only a problem in the Asian communities within the US because of cultural stigmas associated with having girls.  Let’s address the root cause instead.]

Now, it’s been my experience that the motives of most Republicans intent on “valuing life” are not, in fact, to save lives at all.  Most of the time, these legislators have very strong Christian backgrounds or are even pastors in their community church.  Further supporting my point of view is the apparent disregard for the education organizations like Planned Parenthood provide to high school students, as well as the services they offer to low income women such as cancer screenings, contraception, and health exams.  If they truly valued life, they should give additional funding to these programs, not tax their providers because they also offer abortion services … especially because of the disproportionately high teen pregnancy rate among minority women:

While Kansas has a lower teen pregnancy rates than most states, young women of color are disproportionately affected: young African American women and young Latinas are more than twice as likely to experience pregnancy as young white women. African Americans are also disproportionately affected by AIDS: they make up 20 percent of AIDS cases in the state, even though they make up only six percent of the population.

The icing on the cake is the confirmation of this hypothesis when Brownback’s own notes have the words “JESUS + MARY” scribbled across the top.  This law clearly isn’t about saving life; it’s about being right, and inflicting their own interpretation of Christian morality on all of the residents of their state, regardless of their beliefs.

Now what does the bible actually have to say about abortion?  Whatever Republican lawmakers damn well tell you, that’s what.

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