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Consent for Communion

Father Paddy Byrne, a priest in the Irish Catholic Church, is following in the steps of some South American countries in his desire to put off religious rites of passage until such a time when those receiving them actually have … Continue reading

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Their Cakes All Have Freshly Picked Cherries.

Back in February I wrote about Sweet Cakes, a Gresham, Oregon bakery that refused service for a same-sex couple – in direct violation of the Oregon Equality Act of 2007 –  on the grounds that their wedding goes against the … Continue reading

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Treating Demonic Possession … With GENETICS!

There’s hope on the horizon for treating schizophrenia, as researchers have been able to reverse schizophrenia-like symptoms in mice by altering the behavior of a gene called Neuregulin-1 (NRG-1 for short), normalizing its expression.  They warn, however, that because it’s … Continue reading

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Teach the Controversy!

I’m punting today because we were out late last night with some friends.  The cartoon below is basically what I think about every time I hear about states in the Bible Belt start talking about trying to shoehorn creationism into … Continue reading

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Jack Chick’s “Gladys” Dissected

Memorial Day special! This is a story about who could be the ugliest woman on the planet, with the possible exception of Olive Oyl and Ms. VD Spreadlegs (of “That Crazy Guy” fame). I think this is Chick’s actual artwork. … Continue reading

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Transformers: the Dark Side of Household Science

This is another long-ass essay in the spirit of “Senator Jason vs. the Protoceratops“.  You might think, “tl;dr”, but if you’re interested to know why I am going to call a licensed electrician for any problem larger than a burned … Continue reading

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The Devil Went Down to Spain

This one’s going to be relatively short, too, since Miss Pink took me out to Le Petite Provence for brunch and then see the new Star Trek movie.  SPOILER (highlight to read):  Chekov kills Dumbledore. So apparently there’s a problem … Continue reading

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