Oh My God, Pinch Me.

I got an email from my good friend Verrain yesterday titled “Chick Tract Movie?!” with the addition, “I’m thinking MST3K night.”

“No,” I thought.  “Not possible.”

Oh yes.  Yes it is. And it’s better than anyone could have hoped for.  From the kickstarter website:

I won the lottery.  Not the jackpot, “just” a thousand bucks, and being a typical middle-class middle-manager a thousand dollars is nice, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t going to change my life.  So I decided to do something special with the money.  I decided I wanted to spend it to bring something that would last;  I would spend it to try and bring Jack Chick’s epic 1984 graphic novel / tract to film.

Oh my god.  It’s real.

“His Kickstarter’s $12,500 isn’t going to buy top-of-the-range CGI, so expect puppet demons chasing hapless Debbie rather than anything more sophisticated. All Ralls can really promise is his time, energy and love, which he hopes to alchemically turn into film making gold. Incidentally, for those of you who fancy yourselves Black Leafs (Leaves?) in training, pledge enough cash, and you too could be immortalized in Ralls’ magnum opus. A pledge of $299 gets you a voice acting role, while $399 – and whatever it might cost you to get to Portland, Oregon – gets you a speaking cameo moment, plus an invite to the wrap party.


I would easily drop $300 for a voice acting role in the movie, or even more if I had the cash.  Unfortunately, things are a little tight right now so I’ve resigned myself to the reality that all I’m going to be able to afford is the DVD itself, with maybe some extras.  CURSE YOU, FATE.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Chick’s immortal tract, look no further.  It’s a brilliant expose on the dangers of role playing games and the hold it can have over your life and your very identity … provided you’ve already demonstrated a complete inability to distinguish fantasy from reality.

So I urge you … nay, implore you … give him money. I plan to, but you must do it too.  We need to make sure his dream will come to fruition.  Jack Chick’s masterpiece must be brought to the silver screen!

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2 Responses to Oh My God, Pinch Me.

  1. Richard says:

    Is your birthday before the Kickstarter end date? 🙂

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