Jack Chick’s “The Nervous Witch” Dissected

Here, Jack takes a half-assed swipe at his understanding of witchcraft / Wicca / Pagans / Satanism, cause … you know, they’re all the same thing, really.

This is part of a larger “story arc” called the Bible Series. You might recognize the first one called, “In the Beginning”, which I dissected with a short time ago with the help of a friend of mine.  Moving on, I’m glad to see Jack has a realistic idea of what witches look like. No issue with stereotypes here.

It’s Wilma from the 70’s Buck Rogers series!! Thank God you got a modern haircut, woman. People were beginning to talk.  Now, about the chin job … a little bit goes a long way.  Don’t worry too much about it, though, since by the middle of the tract you’ll look completely different than you do now.

“I have two surprises! First, I’ve got Justin Bieber here with me, and he’s going to put on a private concert just for you and your friends !”

OHMYGOD really??”

“No, dumbass, I’m bringing Uncle Bob home. Start inflating the air mattress and grab a spare pillow.”

“I despise you, Mom.”

I have to say that after the way he played fast and loose with the facts during his encounter with Gladys, I wouldn’t be too keen on letting Uncle Bob in the house again either.  He’s just too annoying.  And freaky.  Something about those eyes.  Plus, I don’t trust people with mustache implants.

“What do you mean, ‘he reminds me of Jesus’? You mean he treats people with love, respect, and compassion, living a life of peace and tolerance for his fellow man regardless of their walk of life?”

“No, I mean he walks around in his sandals and bathrobe, refuses to shower, hangs out with 12 homeless guys, and tries to exorcise demons from the drunks in the park during lunchtime.”

“Ever consider slipping him some anti-psychotics in with his wine?”

Okay, an enemy of what, exactly? Wicca? The philosophy that says, “As long as it harms none, do what thou wilt”?  Or are we talking about Jack’s interpretation of Wicca, consisting of devil worship, blood sacrifice, and the application of spells that actually work?  Well, I can’t say I blame Holly for reacting the way she did. I’d be pissed off too if I just farted out a translucent horned demon that looks like a maniacal Robert Loggia.

Beano before, righteousness after.

… but first, I am going to smack myself in the face with the Ugly Stick and look nothing like the Holly of one page ago.  Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!

What teenage kid do you know has a stuffed owl in her room? Oh, wait, that’s Hedwig, from the Harry Potter series.  On the other hand, it might be real.  Tough to say.  Maybe it was a pet of hers, and then she had it taxidermized by Chuck Testa after it died.

Oh Harry, bless your heart, that’s no way to ride a broom. Put on some shoes and get with the program.  It’s as if the guy who drew you didn’t know the first thing about what he was doing!

“Something really powerful is blocking my spell!”

Yeah … reality.  @!!!**!  Lock my door!  Mom can’t know we’re dabbling in the black arts … I’ll just tell her we’re giving each other matching stigmata.  Quick, you grab the wide-gauge knitting needles and a mallet, and I’ll get the Bactine.

Where was this all powerful blocking force when Dark Dungeons Chick laid the magical smackdown on her father?

You might want to consider yourself lucky that there’s some sort of spell ward in place, since it looks like it shut down whatever was responsible for looking pretty hideous a couple panels ago.  Now you have anime-eyes!  Kawaii desu yo!!

Samantha, get the blood stained robe and devil horns off. Uncle Bob might get a little suspicious.  Meanwhile, I’ll move around the furniture and start indiscriminately laying down carpeting.  That way they’ll never suspect anything.

I love the décor. The alien poster, the peace symbol, and then … well, that’s either a Slayer poster or an upside down pentagram … everything a young, God-hating rebellious teenager needs in her room to show her mother that her immortal soul is in danger and needs saving with the help of Uncle Bob and his impeccable grooming.

By the way, for those of you who are trying to follow the chronology, I screwed up.  As near as I can tell, “In the Beginning” happened first, then this one, and then “Gladys” … since Samantha’s friend Holly is the one in the car with her when they suddenly and unexpectedly go from regular to extra crispy with the help of a tanker filled with enough rocket fuel to launch a Saturn V into orbit.

Remember what I said about Mom changing appearance over the course of the tract?  Holly, too, but at least she didn’t get any work done.


Bob: “Hi, I’m Bob, but most people call me Robbie.”
Samantha: “Wait … didn’t you sing that song?”
Holly: “Which song?”
Samantha: “The one by that guy … I can’t remember his name …”
Bob: “Uhh, that was me.”
Samantha: “Right.”
Holly: “What was it … Millennium??”
Samantha: “Yeah! That was it!”
Holly: “But who sang it??”
Bob: “I did.”
Samantha: “Sang what?”
Holly: “That song …”
Samantha: “Which song?”
Holly: “You know, the one by that guy …”
Samantha: “So, what were you going to tell me about?”


(OK, brief explanation, now that I did this twice:  about ten years ago (more??), some friends of mine found the song “Millennium” by Robbie Williams.  It was overplayed within their little group so much that it just turned into a joke after a while, and to top it off, they started the “Who’s on First” type running gag every time one of them brought it up.  The fact that our protagonist’s name is Bob Williams means this joke must be told.)

Dear God … I’m going to be SICK!! A CHRISTIAN?? IN OUR HOUSE??? What will the neighbors say?  Quick, shut the blinds and turn off the lights!  We need three bottles of Johnny Walker, a pound of marijuana, seven extra large pizzas, some AD&D source books, and a couple of 20-sided dice!!  Does anyone have Richard Dawkins’s number on speed dial?

Does it seem odd to anyone else that, in a Judeo-Christian society, the average person in Chick’s world so completely loses their minds over someone’s devotion to the one religion that is so hopelessly intertwined with every aspect of our lives?  I know it’s the whole persecution-fixation thing … and it makes the Christian Right feel better to know that the world hates them because it means they’re suffering for the LORD … but in reality it just makes them look kind of delusional.  Especially when you consider that they still run the show in most ways.

In reality, most people I know would just sort of roll their eyes and say to themselves, “uhh boy, here we go …”, hoping that their friend’s newfound belief didn’t translate to a denial of critical thought, basic reason, or anything involving the physical sciences.  If it doesn’t, then they’d just shrug and consider themselves lucky that everyone dodged a bullet.

@!!!**! I wonder what they means in uncensored Chickensian. He uses it ALL THE TIME.

Something inside of you is telling you to do leave before your weird uncle closes the door with all of you inside?  That’s called your intuition!  And it is evil!  You must never listen to that voice that is speaking to you from within!  That is either your own corrupt, sinful mind or the work of a spirit guide who is in league with the Devil!

Unless you’re Christian, in which case forget what I said because you now have a direct link with the LORD, and the Holy Spirit is now your “spirit guide”.  Is that clear?

Uh oh, someone whacked Holly with the ugly stick again. Must be that demon fart staring her down from behind.

OK, so I obviously don’t believe the bible. Not in the way I’m told that I’m supposed to, at least. I can’t take seriously any book that says that hares chew their own cud, slugs melt as they move along, and that leprosy can be cured with bird blood and incantations. I flat out refuse to use it as a moral guide when it demands we devote our lives to a supreme being who wipes out humanity because he didn’t like the way they turned out, punishes innocent people for the sins of their rulers, and gives his blessings for countless acts of genocide on the part of the Israelites.

Most normal people would be afraid of stuff like that.  The real question should be why aren’t you?

Hey Bob, let’s be fair. God made a LOT of things punishable by death. Including …

Working on the Sabbath
Committing adultery (we seem to forget this one)
Being rebellious to your parents
Sacrificing to false gods
Homosexuality (actually man laying with man as he would a woman)

AWESOME IT’S STORYTIME.  I love these because we’re supposed to think they mean something today.  We’re immediately off to a bad start, since Saul looks like he’s been drugged … someone might want to check his pupils.  What’s Hebrew for “Percocet”?

The rest of the closet witches were operating in secret, but had with them all of the enchanting tables that had once been placed all throughout Skyrim.  They bided their time, waiting for the inevitable return of the Dohvakiin, as foretold in the prophecies.

Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft? Wasn’t Jesus a rebel in the eyes of his contemporaries? Didn’t he promote forgiveness over the corporal punishment that was the LAW passed down by his father? Sounds like rebellion to me, yet we never accuse Jesus of having committed a sin against God.

But let’s not forget that God’s been a tad fickle over the years. Like screwing with the pharaoh during the Exodus. Or randomly choosing Abel’s offering over Cain’s, thus starting the first incident of sibling rivalry. Good going. Point is that Saul shouldn’t be surprised that God was distracted by something else, or randomly pissed off. He has a reputation for that sort of thing.

So Saul’s only sin here is trying to figure out what pissed God off so much that he stopped talking to him. I think I’d do the same thing in his shoes … sandals … whatever.  What else was he supposed to do other than try to find someone else who could explain what happened?

There is a woman that hath a familiar spirit at Endor. She also speaks with Ewoks.  Wookies are extra.

Looks like she’s got a full house. I wonder if we’re supposed to think she’s in league with Satan?  These guys might be ancestors of the gay demons like the ones hanging around the two dentists that Miss Henn brought in for Li’l Suzy’s class.  For all we know they might also just be the gods of other cultures as described through the lens of Israelite monotheism.  What better way to force obedience and denigrate other religions than to not just say you’re better than other gods, but to make them equivalent to demons and devils?

She was about to see the impossible happen … Saul was about to eat an entire tablespoon of powdered cinnamon without blowing it through his nose.

That’s no woman! That’s my wife!


This is starting to look like the end of an episode of Scooby Do.  Hey, this isn’t really a ghost at all!  It’s old man McDroopydrawers, who was after the pirates’ gold ever since we met him at the abandoned warehouse!

“Hey gang! This isn’t Samuel … it’s Saruman the White!”

“And I would have gotten my hands on that ring if it hadn’t been for you meddling halflings!”

Ruh roh.

Do you want to know why God won’t answer you?  Because even though you killed every single Amalekite – man, woman, and child – to the last one, you spared King Agag and his livestock.  It doesn’t matter that you were going to use the latter for sacrifice to Him anyway … that was enough for God to abandon you.

Point of contention here: God has become Saul’s enemy. Yet God talked to Samuel, implying that he was still in favor. Tomorrow, they are all going to be together. Where, exactly? I didn’t think God’s chosen and God’s enemies all went to the same place.

Oh, wait, is this before there was a Heaven? Yeah, I think so … Heaven started popping up by the Psalms. It’s sheol for you guys.  The only punishment for disobedience and evil back in the day was abandonment by god during life … with the occasional plague and bear-mauling for good measure.  Pro tip:  never insult bald men.

Whoa, wait a minute.  How do you know the witch went to hell?

Holly has taken to shape shifting, with one of her eyebrows eating the other one and trying to crawl up her forehead in an attempt to escape out the window. Smart move … Uncle Bob’s about to start some serious soul-winning.

Moving on.

To say that God hates “the wicked and workers of iniquity”, you’re not including actual Wiccans, who by the very nature of their faith cannot do harm to others. These two … I don’t know what the hell their story is, but they’re not anything resembling the witches I’ve ever seen.  They sound like a couple of teenagers who saw too many TV shows about witchcraft and decided to start making up rituals and hope for the best.

Ugly stick!!  I think your lower lip is falling off.

I’ve never seen anyone – ever – react so violently to a person trying to spread the Gospel, even if he were annoying and self righteous. The only time I’ve ever heard someone curse Jesus like Little Miss Botox was in the Exorcist, where Regan was violating herself with a cross.  Pretty serious shit that you can’t un-see, but nothing more than fiction when you get down to it.

I think Chick’s just projecting all of the hostility and vitriol he has towards other religions into Holly in another attempt to make it look as though Christians are the persecuted class in this country. Either that, or it’s the paranoia he feels when he tries to convert people and they reject his ideas. Either way, I think he needs to do a little reading on what witchcraft really is.

I love this.  Since Jack can’t reference a legitimate biblical passage to allude to Holly’s fate, he just makes one up by pointing to another tract where he offs her with some rocket fuel.  Truly, doing the Lord’s work.

Of course you feel different! You just shat out a demon the size of a college refrigerator. I bet your parents were wondering why you were eating entire sides of beef in one sitting. Oh hell, where’s the cat?


You got “into the craft” by reading Harry Potter?  That’s like my wanting to run off to the desert and drink my own recycled urine because I just read Dune. Sure, people do it, but that’s because they have a couple of other issues to start with. It’s not the books they’re reading … it’s who’s doing the reading.

You realize that the people in the Harry Potter universe – aside from being complete and total fiction – are born from either wizard parents or normal, everyday folks like us.  If you have the ability, you’re born with it.  If not, then you just don’t.  It’s not something you can call upon the “spirit world” for them to bestow upon you.  That crap didn’t exist in Rowling’s world, and it especially doesn’t exist in this one.

I can just imagine what kind of stuff you’d be into if you got your hands on the bible … wow.

OK, I read the Harry Potter books.  First of all, no demons, spirits, or flying pixies started coming my way.  Second, of all the things to get into from the books, you chose a handful of things that just about everyone in the series didn’t take seriously.  As in, they never worked.  The one person who thought they did was seen as a joke by the rest of the school.

Holly’s dad – despite his loonie bin of a daughter – sounds like a fairly reasonable guy, who understands that books like Harry Potter, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, etc., are just fantasy, and have no basis in reality whatsoever.   The people who think otherwise are generally the ones who used to jump off their second story windows with umbrellas when they were kids because Wiley Coyote did it.

I hate your room too. Nothing but greyscale. Besides, nothing says “I’m into witchcraft” like having a poster of a dragon and … I think that’s Gandalf fighting the Balrog on the right.  What’s wrong with that?  He’s a good guy battling a demon from the Middle Earth equivalent of Hell, and ended up winning.

I remember back when I was about 15 years old, and a friend of mine was really into AD&D. He’d spend days doing “research”, at the expense of his chores, homework, and social life, and then proceed to tell me to “get a life” when I told him I’d rather spend a little more time on my science fair project than play with him. The dark spirits really had a hold on him. Long story short … his father walked into his room one day, took a pile of his reference books, and sliced them in half, all at once, with his table saw.

As the books were being given a James Bond burial, there was a blood curdling scream, and the lights in the house flickered. The evil spirits must have left poor old Bob during this ordeal because he was found later that evening, crouched in the corner of the living room, rocking back and forth and sucking his thumb. He had no desire to play D&D again.

As the God I don’t believe in as my witness, that actually happened.

“The King James Bible is the only bible that has a translation I like that Satan hasn’t messed with.”

Okay, I’ve had enough. Let’s open our Bibles to Matthew, Chapter 25. Read together.

41Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:
42For I was an hungered, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:
43I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.
44Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungered, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?
45Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.
46And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

So what does this mean, now that we see some of it in context?  The righteous, in this case of judgment, were defined by how they treated their fellow man, not by whether or not they accepted Jesus as their personal savior. It can be argued that this is a criterion in other places (like Acts 16:31, for example ), but not here.

If the God you keep drawing is going to throw someone into hellfire, at least put words in his mouth that would make it consistent with why he’s doing it.

Here’s a prayer you could use …

Dear Lord, apparently the only criteria for being saved and having you accept me in Heaven is if I believe that a guy named Jesus – who was finally written about 50-80 years after his death by people who really wanted to believe in him – is indeed your flesh and blood son, because only then will his death provide protection for me. It’s nothing other than a loyalty test, since nothing involving the way we live our lives has any bearing on what happens to us in the afterlife.  So yes – I believe Jesus is your son. Not because I know … not because I truly believe … but because I’ve been so thoroughly brainwashed into thinking that I’ll spend eternity in hell if I don’t. So sure. What the hell. I figure I’ll hedge my bets and if I’m wrong, I’ll end up in the hell belonging to whatever God does exist, and boy, will my face be red!

Amen. You just gained another half-assed follower.

If Jesus died on the cross and then was forgotten … did he die for anyone’s sins?

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19 Responses to Jack Chick’s “The Nervous Witch” Dissected

  1. Arghh, Harry Potter again! I’m so glad that the popularity of those books has died down, because people went really freaking nuts over them. It references real occult stuff and it’s Satanic! I don’t get it. I mean, the book specifically says that there is good magic and bad magic and you don’t freakin’ use the bad magic because it corrupts you – the age old good vs evil (like God vs the Devil anyone?). Yes, Rowling researched for her book – unlike people who can’t be bothered to research what Wicca is really about and just freak the crap out about it.

    Yet then Twilight came out and many religious people embraced it because it supposedly promoted abstinence before marriage – nevermind that to become a vampire you supposedly lose your eternal soul. And, oh yeah, I don’t actually recall anyone in the Harry Potter books having wild sex, in fact it’s implied they married quite young. But they’re wizards and wizards bad, or something.

    Why can’t they get that some things are just fantasy? Is it because they might start thinking more about their faith which is pretty fantastical itself? You have to suspend a lot of belief to have faith in Christianity. That’s fine for some, but why if God, who is invisible, is believed, are other gods, also invisible, not believed?

    • Creativerealms says:

      In the mind of Jack Chick there is no difference between white and black magic. To him and his followers it’s all the acts of Satan. In the world of Jack Chick there really is no reason to learn White magic since all the cooler spells are black magic. It’s like White magic only exists in the Chick Fundie world to trick people into believing magic is not a tool of the devil.

      Anyway this Tract really pisses me off for many reasons. Jack Chick or who ever writes and draws the comics (If there is a real Jack Chick the man is old) does not even bother researching at all. Unlike with his anti evolution comics where at least he’s using people who think like him to back himself up here he’s just making stuff up. Clearly no one who worked on this tract read or even looked at a Harry Potter book past the back of the books. I mean believing tarot cards and Ouiji boards are in Harry Potter? I don’t think the if a word for how critical that research failure is. that’s not even bothering to try.

      no I’m not defending his anti evolution comics those suck too but at least there he’s using information other people made up. Those what’s worse creating new sources of ignorance or spreading existing sources?

      It also seems that because Chick and people like him believe the Bible is literal truth that all books must be written as “truth.” that the people writing them believe them and want others to believe them. It’s like they have no concept of fiction. Then again since lies are the “ultimate evil” I guess fiction is the work of Satan. I write fiction on my spare time, does that mean I “Believe” the novels I can’t finish? That I think they are truth? I think that most fiction writers know what they are writing is not real. Jack thinks everything he writes is real that’s just delusional.

      • People don’t think critically and what’s sad is these people breed. I used to work at a public library. This woman came up with her child and wanted to exchange her books. “We don’t read books with wizards” she said haughtily.

        First off, damn books were free. Second, while the first book was about a witch (like about as threatening as Rainbow Bright) the other was about a computer wizard. All she saw was wizard. It had NOTHING to do with wizards. The stupidity of people boggles my mind. I bet she’d love the Chick Tracts.

        • Yet atheists are not to be trusted for not believing that kind of crap. Unfortunately, there’s no way to reason with someone whose basis for that kind of thought is rooted in fear.

      • Ray Comfort, Jack Chick, Ken Hamm, and Kent Hovind have made a living lying to people about the science behind evolution for decades. I am convinced that they’re doing so not out of a misunderstanding of the facts or some sort of divine revelation, but simply because they are making millions by shoveling garbage into the minds of children. I know for a fact that Comfort was on TV shows like Atheist Experience, in which he was specifically told about where and how he was wrong … and it didn’t take more than five minutes for him to purge it from his head and act as if that part of the conversation never happened. They just throw out whatever facts or conclusions from the scientific community doesn’t fit their worldview. That in itself isn’t bad, but brainwashing children in the process is unconscionable.

    • Yeah, Harry Potter got a bad reputation because it supposedly “promoted” wizardry … though no one ever has seen any reliable evidence that such a thing even exists. Same can be said about the efficacy of prayer, but that hasn’t stopped millions of believers of all different faiths.

      Twilight, on the other hand, scares the crap out of me. The fact that we have a series of books that encourages young girls that their dream lover is some hundred hear old vampire who stalks them and appears at their bedroom window at night is just dangerous. That it’s given a pass because it stresses abstinence before marriage is like saying Baywatch is useful because it reminds people to get proper sun exposure.

      That’s fine for some, but why if God, who is invisible, is believed, are other gods, also invisible, not believed?

      It’s what you’re born into … really nothing more than that.

  2. Sed says:

    Uncle Bob may remind Samantha of Jesus, but he reminds ME of Mr. Weed – Peter Griffin’s old boss on Family Guy. “Mom” reminds me in that first panel of John Lithgow in The World According to Garp.

    • Wow, you’re right .. I didn’t notice the resemblance Bob has to Mr. Weed. Slightly lighter skin and a bit less of a peanut shaped face, but otherwise pretty close :).

      Yeah, and if it’s one thing about the people in Chick’s artwork, it’s that they never look like the same person twice. Mom was sporting the Jay Leno jaw in a few panels, and then it receded to normal. Holly was hit the worst, though. One panel she’s fine, and the next it’s like Jack forgot how to draw a face.

  3. Charity says:

    Senator Jason, you really trip me out with posts like this one!

    I ALWAYS hated those stupid tracts, and would never pass them out no matter how much my bible college pushed for it. Even in the early 90s I found them depressing, dark, and entirely too long to use as an evangelism tool.

    As I had mentioned on Debbie’s blog, I saw Ray Comfort speak at a church in the late 90s. He was pushing congregants to bulk buy his Titanic tracts. Since the movie of the same name was so big at the time he told us that it would help us to witness as hearers of the WORD would want one thinking it was a memento of the film. I may have been a dedicated christian at the time, but I still knew it was shallow for Comfort to think that the god of the universe needed a gimmick to win people over to heaven. This wasn’t my first exposure to such a thought process, and by far, would not be my last.

    Oh yes, Harry Potter, the little boy claiming the lives of our own little boys and girls! Well, my own evolution with this series started years ago when Rowling first published the books. At the time I was a somewhat conservative christian, and as much as I support(ed) literature, I deemed the story line about witchcraft as pure evil! However, I began to realize over time that it’s not supernatural forces that are good or evil, but human beings. Over a year ago I became an atheist and toiled with the idea of my now eight year old son reading this story for almost a year. Then it occured to me that he had already read a good bit of the bible, especially the life of christ and quite extensively, the old testament. He had also studied greek mythology, and some other legends of other cultures and religions. In light of all these things, I allowed him to get all seven books. I found a great deal on a set of gently used hardbounds on EBAY. I had him pay the $40 because it wasn’t a reward for anything nor was it to be a gift for his Birthday or Christmas. I’m proud of him for spending his money on large books, he bought half a dozen more books with his own money at a book fair’s reduced sale at his school at the same time. All of those books were either about science fiction or various mythologies. I believe his high IQ and continual thirst for knowledge will keep him from falling prey to any religious zealot.

    • Haha, I’m glad you enjoy them. I have fun writing them. There are a few more from my past that I have to dig up, re-write, and put on display. They take some time, but they’re worth it.

      I remember my grandmother handing me the tract This Was Your Life, and asked me to read it. Scared the crap out of me. That is some heavy shit to lay on a nine year old, especially the panel showing the angel standing over the lake of fire, with little specks of people scattered throughout. I asked her how long the after life is, and she said eternity. It doesn’t end. EVER. For a split second, I think I actually was able to wrap my head around the concept of being stuck somewhere – either heaven or hell – for an infinite amount of time. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. For kids, that kind of stuff is nothing but fact-free, completely fear-based emotional manipulation. For adults, it has the added insult of being so hopelessly devoid of any sort of rational, cohesive argument that they make a better tool for atheists if we ever wished to set out and proselytize. Jack is simply doing it wrong, and he hasn’t caught on yet.

      Ray has always come across as a conniving, opportunistic little thing. I’ve seen his videos on evolution, where he questions “the average college student” and asks them about certain steps in the evolutionary process (how did life transition from ocean to land, develop lungs, etc.). He gleefully shows his viewing audience that these kids – who probably didn’t major in the life sciences at all – didn’t have much of a thorough, scientific answer and resorted to guesses, hunches, and whatever they may remembered from high school biology. He then criticizes the use of “tentative, vague language” on the part of the scientific community like “suggests”, “maybe”, or “there is evidence to support” … yet nothing that demonstrates certainty. This, he claims, is a bad thing.

      I would say that he has a level of scientific illiteracy that steps into the regime of “tragic” bordering on “terminal” … but there have been enough instances of people repeatedly correcting him on just about every claim he’s ever made that you think he’d get it by now. I firmly believe that he does in fact understand science, he knows he’s full of shit, but he doesn’t care because he has a business to run and there’s money to be had. No one can be as violently ignorant and incapable of absorbing information like that unless it’s deliberate.

      What better selling point for atheism than a demonstration that its advocates like Ray Comfort have to lie through their teeth in order to try to get you to their side?

      Good call on teaching your son Greek mythology along with the HP series. I’d also suggest stuff like CS Lewis’s Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe, Lore of the Rings, etc. (though that might be a bit much for an eight year old … I can’t say.)

      Thanks for the reply!

  4. Britarse says:

    I always want to know, how come, if the Bible is consistent about the afterlife, how come a prophet of God went to a place that a demon-worshipping witch was in touch with and could call him from.

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  6. Taln Reich says:

    “I think that’s Gandalf fighting the Balrog on the right. What’s wrong with that? He’s a good guy battling a demon from the Middle Earth equivalent of Hell, and ended up winning.”
    I thought a bit about this, and I think I came up with a explanation: J.R.R. Tolkien was a devout Catholik. In the chickenverse (aka the Universe Jack Chick seems to believe he’s in) catholicism is just a front for some pagan cult. So, in Jack-Chicks mind thats probaly not a good guy battling a demon, and more like two demons strugeling with each other.

    Yeah,rather coockeyed explanation, but considering how screwed the logic in Jack Chicks mind is, maybe this loopsided theory still fits.

    • You know, you might be right. Alternatively, it’s just being used to illustrate a fascination with the “occult”, but that’s still showing little more than a “you’re with us or against us” mentality.

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  8. Tony says:

    “Samantha, the Potter books open a doorway that will put untold millions of kids into hell.”
    I guess you could call them a pathway to many abilities some consider to be…unnatural.
    Oh wait, wrong franchise.

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