Go For It!

David Barton!

Minister!  Activist!  Author!

And when I say “author”, I mean that in one of the loosest ways possible, as his 2012 work The Jefferson Lies was voted one of the least credible history books in print by the users of the History News Network website.  He has a habit of cherry picking tidbits from history and from the bible to make claims that America was founded as a Christian nation by, among others, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison. What he can’t find in print, he just sort of makes up.

What a classy, stand up guy.  I mean it.

On May 19th of this year, this steaming pantload of unconscionable historical revisionism gave a sermon at Whitesburg Baptist Church, where he boldly stated that because Starbucks supports same sex marriage, you can’t be Biblically correct and purchase their products.

Now personally, I can’t stand Starbucks because they burn their damned beans and call it a “special roast”, a criticism also expressed by a non-trivial percentage of the coffee drinking public.  But if these folks are really serious about no longer purchasing Starbucks products on the basis of their support for same sex marriage, well I guess that means you also can’t do business with any of the following companies:

  • Microsoft & Apple (there go your portable phones and most popular OS)
  • Amazon & eBay (no more online shopping for you)
  • Verizon & T-Mobile (or cell phone service)
  • Delta, United Airlines, Southwest (I guess you take the bus?)
  • Facebook, Google, Linkedin (no more social networking!)
  • Pepsi & CocaCola (DRINK WATER)
  • JC Penney, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap, Nike, Sears, Target, Nordstrom (GO NAKED)

I could go on, but you get the point.  If David and his crew are really interested in boycotting every company on the basis of their support of gay marriage, then they’re basically going to have to crawl under a rock, using nothing but the US Postal service (which still provides benefits to same sex couples), and knitting their own clothes by spinning wool from the whatever sheep they can get their hands on.

I’d love to see them in 20 years, living off the land, growing their own food, and knowing in their hearts that they are on the path to righteousness.  And an early death, since the American Medical Association and American Psychological Association are also on the list.  Heh.

Look, David, I know you think you’re fighting some battle for the soul of America, but you’re not going to win this one.  Society is moving toward acceptance of the LGBT community because despite what you may think the bible says about it, it presents no harm to anyone … not even the children adopted by married couples.  Throwing red meat at people who will believe anything you say might sound good, but it makes you look like a fool to the rest of the country and mainstream Christians everywhere.  But hey, if you and your friends want to disconnect from “the grid”, so to speak, by all means do it.  The less we hear of your kind of ignorance and fear, I think the better off we’d all be.

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6 Responses to Go For It!

  1. Whew! I thought I was the only one who thought Starbucks beans were bitter and burnt. At least I know I’m not alone on that front. 😉 Wouldn’t it be ironic if these folks DID live off the land, and then they ended up being the only ones who survived the Long Emergency or the next great natural disaster….

  2. So no Starbucks, but please stand in line for hours at Chick-fil-A. That will make the gays disappear and then there shall truly be peace on Earth. So says this moron.

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