And For Some Perspective …

… this happened on the other side of the world:

Egyptian girl dies undergoing circumcision

Suhair al-Bata’a, a 13-year-old Egyptian girl, has died undergoing circumcision at a village in the Daqahliya governorate northeast of Cairo, Egyptian media reported on Sunday.

A health inspector report said the cause of the death was due to “a sharp drop in blood pressure resulting from shock trauma,” the family’s lawyer, Abdel Salam, told al-Masry al-Youm.

Female “circumcision”, a procedure far more invasive, destructive, prone to deadly medical complication than the male variety broadly accepted here in the West, can involve removal of the clitoris (Type 1) to everything including the inner / outer labia, with nothing but a small hole for urination and menstruation (Type 3).  It’s been illegal since 1996 but it took 13 years for the first case to be brought to court … so there’s quite a long way to go.

Suhair al Bata’a, who died for absolutely no good reason.
Courtesy of the Egypt Independent.

To be fair, this isn’t exactly the fault of Islam; FGM predates it, Christianity, and possibly even Judaism by thousands of years.  Unfortunately, since Islam was adopted in places where this practice was prevalent, the two have been effectively “syncretized” such that where one goes, the other will too.  Hardly surprising, given the degree to which religions like Islam promote the subjugation of women and punishment for their sexuality, independence, and self determination.

The long term answer to this is access to education and the establishment of secular law with the authority and power to reach these remote areas where the older cultural norms still hold their influence.  To have one part of the world reaching the stars and peering back in time to the earliest days of the universe while another part is still cutting up young girls to control their sexuality simply shouldn’t happen in the 21st century, and we have the ability to put an end to it.

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3 Responses to And For Some Perspective …

  1. Charity says:


    I have always ached in my heart for those young girls throughout Africa and the Middle East who have endured this horrible injustice. There are actually older women in their tribes and villages who perform this monstrous ritual as a regular means of income. Some people actually believe that should a girl die in the middle of mutilation she’s a witch. It obvious that they believe this is ordained by their god(s). It’s mean, barbaric, and shameful. The clitorisis is such a gift to the female body, it is often the source of orgasm for a woman and the joy to her lover to know that she is satisfied.

    I don’t know if you have ever addressed male circumsicion before, I would love to know your thoughts on the subject. I was so naive that I had both my boys go through it as soon as they were born. I thought it was the healthiest, cleanest, and most moral choice, but since my de-conversion I have found myself a little remorseful for allowing it. From what I know now it actually prohibits the penis to grow, causing less sexual satisfaction for man and his lover. I believe that at one time people turned to the Orthodox Jewish community to find out why Jewish boys didn’t masturbate as much as their sons (whatever) did. They discovered that the main difference between boys who wereJews and those who were not was circumsicion. I am not certain on all the details, I just wished I had researched non Judeo-Christian sources before I took away a choice that was my boys to make as they became older.

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