Go-Go-Gadget Chloroplasts!

Have any of you heard of Breatharians?  They’re people who believe that it’s possible to eliminate food from their diet and instead live on nothing more than water, air, and light.

Not just any light, mind you.  Spiritual light.

I’m reminded of this crap all over again.  Anyway, we have 65 year old Seattle resident Naveena Shine … er … breathing some new life into this unsettling activity by putting the principles of Breatharianism to the test firsthand.  I’ll tell you right now, though, I’m just going to stop writing this post altogether if she mentions “ethereal DNA” and Reiki over Skype.  Here’s the introduction from her own website:

I am Naveena Shine, and I am both the founder of Living on Light and the subject in this experiment. The experiment is designed to bring into our Universe a whole different paradigm of living. In this paradigm of living, human beings do not have to eat or ingest any kind of food into their stomachs in order to thrive in this world.

At “Living On Light” we propose that we have a nutritional source already embedded within our body/mind/Spiritual systems that can give us exactly what we need to be healthy and well. Since we do not yet know exactly what that source is I am symbolically calling it Light.

If this capacity is real, it will change everything we know about ourselves, everything we do in our lives and everything we do on our planet.

Throughout history there have been many people who have claimed this capacity. They say they have stopped eating, sometimes for years, and it seems they thrive very well. Today there are many people in this world who say they live on light. They call themselves Breatharians or they call themselves Sungazers.

I call them frauds, Naveena, and you really should too.  There are plenty of people who have stopped eating for extended periods of time.  You know what they were called after a little while?  Dead.  Check out Africa for a glimpse into how attempting to live on nothing more than water and air usually works out.  On top of that, let’s drag some of these self-proclaimed yogis and “Sungazers” into a hospital for some thorough testing and 24-hour surveillance over the course of, let’s say, four months.  If they’re still alive at the end with some hard data to back up their claims of a water-only diet, then we can have a conversation.  My bet is they’ll be willing to sell their livers for a bite of some KFC within a week.

The problem is that doing things like this in the face of everything we currently understand about biology, anatomy, and physiology is nothing short of dangerous.  It’s not based on science, but in a belief in some spiritual force to nourish you in a way that completely ignores our entire evolutionary history.  Bad thinking like this simultaneously hurts my head and gives me a serious cheeseburger craving.

To Naveena’s credit, though … she is putting her money where her mouth is and testing this concept out for herself.  There’s obviously no way to know for sure whether she’s eating or not (even with the cameras she installed in her house), but after about a month she’s lost significant weight with no sign of her body doing anything unexpected.

According to her Facebook page, the 65-year-old is now more than 32 days into the experiment. In order to prove her day-to-day activities don’t include nourishing herself, she’s posted eight cameras throughout her house, and she claims to never stray from them so as to prove — definitively — whether or not eating is a good idea. She’s also posting incremental updates on YouTube.

On June 3, after having lost more than 20 pounds, Shine wrote, “I have the feeling that my body has reached a point where it has used up all its stored fats and is now looking around for what next to consume. I suspect this might be the point where it decides either to find and hook into the source where it is able to live on Light, or continue to consume the body for sustenance.”

If your fat is gone, your muscles are next.  Then comes organ failure.  Look, I know believing in something greater is both comforting and inspiring, but relying on it to feed you is where most people draw the line from “personal philosophy” to “deadly delusion”.  Let’s hope you realize this before you end up either in the hospital or in the ground.

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One Response to Go-Go-Gadget Chloroplasts!

  1. Richard says:


    There are some truly spectacular claims there. About things like five-dimensional phones and cheeseburgers that have “special base frequencies”.

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