That’s My Favorite Drawing!

5-year-old girl’s lemonade stand draws ire of Westboro Baptist Church

A 5-year-old girl set up a lemonade stand [at the Equality House] across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church compound, and now the group is targeting her.  Jayden Sink raised nearly $200 Friday while she sold lemonade outside the Equality House across from the Westboro compound, and the online effort has raised $15,000 and counting.

Good Lord.  Their original goal was about $500, but when the story went viral, people started donating from all over the place.  Who could really blame them, of course … all a lot of people really have to know is that it will piss off the Westboro Baptist Church and they’ll start throwing money at it.  (Not to say that’s a bad thing; Planting Peace is a worthy cause and I recommend taking a look.)

JayDEN gEt y0uR
Ts to m@k3 Yur si
GN              ❤

The location of the fundraiser is also little surprise.  The Equality House was purchased by Planting Peace and recently given a rainbow paint job as a way to … offset … the influence and attitude of their neighbors.

Needless to say, the members of the Phelps Clan didn’t know whether to shit or go sailing at first.  Residents of the Equality House saw members of the family pacing back and forth, constantly on their cell phones with one person or another.  They supposedly called the cops, but to no avail.  There were reports of Shirley Phelps-Roper foaming at the mouth, bleeding from her eyes, and shouting long-winded epithets at young Jayden in what was later identified as ancient Aramaic … but I think they were just rumors.  You never know.

Eventually, they decided to have Fred’s son – by which I mean the one who stayed, not the one who left skid marks on the back porch the minute he turned 18, never to look back – come out and do a little public relations:

Jonathan Phelps, son of Westboro founder Fred Phelps Sr., said the lemonade stand has given the church “a great preaching opportunity.”

“Because every time you tell the story about the lemonade, you have to tell about the eternal hatred and wrath of God towards the impenitent sinner, and the popular sin of the day is the sin of sodomy,” he said.

Jonathan missed the part about it not being about them.  I think he also vastly overestimates the level of expository detail both in Jayden’s sales pitch and her overall narrative.  As I said before, the only thing people need to see is that someone’s raising money across the street from WBC headquarters, and you have a winner.  She’s selling lemonade for a charity that is promoting peace, compassion, and a healthier world.  Obviously, this is the antithesis of the teachings of Jesus.

But hey, if this is the way they’re able to try and turn this into a win for them, more power to them.  The rest of the country is just sitting back, chuckling at the fact that they’ve lost their minds over a lemonade stand run by a 5 year old girl.

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5 Responses to That’s My Favorite Drawing!

  1. Those guys are beyond insane. Even if everyone converted to their version of Christianity (shudder) none of them would be “good” enough for them anyway unless they too were nuts. If I were that little girl’s parents, I’d be . . . well I’d be getting that lemonade stand as far away from them as possible. I really put little past those freaks.

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