Iterum Cum Hac Merda …

American Humanist Association sues California town to halt construction of cross monument

First, we had the courthouse in Bradford County, Florida that refused to take down the monument of the Ten Commandments, so now we have that and one representing atheism sitting next to it as a “compromise”.  Then, the Orange County school district began selectively discriminating against people distributing atheist literature, and are currently being sued by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Now, we have a California town that is set to erect a monument honoring the troops, showing the silhouette of a soldier kneeling in front of a cross.

The monument in question. Picture from the Atheist News Report website.

Obviously, no matter what race, color, creed, gender, or religion that soldier might be, in the end he does his work for the glory of Christ.  Or something.  Right?

Alternatively, it’s supposed to mean that the town of Lake Elsinore wants to spend $50,000 in taxpayer money to honor only Christian soldiers, thereby trivializing the sacrifice made by Jewish, Muslim (yes they’re there), Hindu, Buddhist, and atheist troops over the history of our armed forces.

Either way, it’s a slap in the face and arrogant presumption that something like this is considered an acceptable representation of the modern American demographic.

Soon after [the unveiling], the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers contacted the city council, claiming that it was a dishonor to non-Christian veterans and an exploitation of military service in order to have a government endorsement of religion.

In early November, a committee of veterans was tasked with deciding what to do about the controversy surrounding the monument. The only change that was made was to include a Star of David onto the monument, at the request of one of the city council members, claiming that it was more historically accurate.

A few days later, the Lake Elsinore city council unanimously voted to continue with plans to construct and erect the monument, despite pleas from MAAF, AHA, and local veterans and citizens.

Now, the American Humanist Association is suing the town, saying they’re in violation of the First Amendment.  Surprise, surprise.  As with the other two situations, my guess is that there’s going to be some kind of half-assed “compromise” that will allow for this kind of institutionalized privilege continue while atheists and others waste more money jumping up and down shouting “me too!” right next to them.

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3 Responses to Iterum Cum Hac Merda …

  1. Jason Torpy says:

    American Humanist Association, not Foundation, and there’s no indication that a ‘me-too’ compromise is in the discussion.

    • Hi Jason – thank you for your comment and the correction. I think I had gotten so used to writing “Freedom From Religion Foundation” in some of my other posts that muscle memory took over. As for my predictions regarding the discussion, I will be more than happy to be wrong. I’d much rather see the religious-themed monument changed to acknowledge everyone than see a kind of free-for-all on the front lawn of every courthouse.

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