The Logic is Pretty Compelling …

I’m still working on another Chick tract, so in the meantime I give you this.  I have to say, it’s tough to refute.

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7 Responses to The Logic is Pretty Compelling …

  1. Creativerealms says:

    It’s funny that SFM is the most logical deity out there.

  2. BeyondRedemption.... says:

    At least there’s some physical proof!

  3. I used to be on a support board for people who had left one very restrictive form of Christianity. Yet they didn’t leave the parking lot. The “skeptic’s board” was frequently attacked by Christians who would really cry buckets if you mentioned that insulting Spaghetti monster. I finally left. Great support group – if you’re still a Christian and fit their standards. Rather like how the Puritans came over for “religious freedom” and persecuted the hell out of everyone there.

  4. MichaelB says:

    I am now following you based on this one post. The logic is undeniable.

    • WELCOME BROTHER. Be sure to attend mass at least once a week. Any Olive Garden or Old Spaghetti Factory will do. Just don’t fill up on bread before the good stuff comes out.

      • MichaelB says:

        Even better than the post was the reply from my teenage daughter when I shared it with her: “Thank you for being my dad.” Bless his noodly appendages. Ramen.

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