Sunday Morning Mash-Up

FIRST, the atheist monument scheduled to go in front of the Bradford County Courthouse in Florida was unveiled yesterday to an audience of about 250 people.

About 250 people showed up to the bench’s unveiling and to watch speakers such as American Atheists President David Silverman and lawsuit plaintiff Cooney, of Starke, among others.

David Silverman, and The Monument That Shouldn’t Be Necessary (from American Atheists)

It wasn’t without incident, though, as protesters from the Florida League of the South came along with their Confederate flags and signs that told nonbelievers to “go Home” … wherever that might be.

Also at some point during the ceremony, Eric Hovind – son of the biblical literalist and tax evasion enthusiast Kent Hovind – jumped up onto the monument to start preaching.  I guess he thought it was fertile ground for soul winning or something.  My guess is that most people just kinda thought he was a bit of a tool.  (Just think of what the backlash would have been is an atheist jumped on the Christian monument.  Food for thought.)

There’s a handful of pictures over at The Friendly Atheist.  My favorite is below:

We ARE home. That’s because “the South” isn’t a nation at all. I thought we settled that 150 years ago.
(Original pic from @fieryskulldiary)

He also adds something important that needs to be remembered with news like this:

It’s not like American Atheists was pushing to have it installed. It was only when the Courthouse granted special access to a Christian group that AA knew they couldn’t let them get away with it. Same with the rest of the nation.

If the Christians take down their monuments, the atheists will, too.

For this reason, there’s another 50 going up around the state.

Sooooo … what do you think?  Someone will take a sledgehammer to this thing by what … Monday?  Then what?  I’m not saying they shouldn’t have done anything given the bad circumstances they found themselves in, but it’s going to get destroyed.  Maybe, when that happens, it should stay as it is to show exactly the kind of response many otherwise “loving” Christians have when faced with the prospect of having to acknowledge people to other beliefs and having to play by the same rules as they do.

If it’s all the same, I hope it stays untouched … until a day comes when we can just take it down along with the Ten Commandments and stop this nonsense altogether.

SECOND … from The Oatmeal:  How to Suck at Your Religion

THIRD, via Imgur, Louis CK giving a much needed update to the “thou shalt not covet” commandment:

I saw the video of this.  He botches the ending because he’s trying to reason with a 6 year old, but the core idea is still intact.

Don’t say I never gave you guys anything.  Chick Tract dissection still on the way.  Was out all day with Miss Pink so all of this will have to do for now.

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