Praise Jesus, I Got Mine!

‘God saved our lives,’ says driver in Route 22 crash

Right before the Oklahoma tornadoes I wrote a long piece about the sort of tunnel vision that afflicts some of the more devout believers, in which they praise the divine providence of God for the little things that happen in their lives while ignoring the tragedy and despair others of the same faith are currently experiencing.

Such examples are unfortunately not in short supply.  This time we have Brewster, New York couple Angelo and Rachel Sarna who were driving along Route 22 when a mechanical problem caused their 4Runner to accelerate uncontrollably.  They careened down the road until they eventually hit two other cars – an Audi and a Subaru – before overturning and coming to a stop.

Here’s the injury list:

  • Angelo Sarna (4Runner):  cuts to arm
  • Rachel Sarna (4Runner):  right ankle crushed, unusable
  • Elizabeth Bouchard (Subaru):  hospitalized with unknown injuries
  • Antonio Bouchard (Subaru):  head injury, broken arm, leg and collarbone (serious condition in children’s hospital).
  • Audi occupants were not injured.

In other words, it’s pretty bad.  Yet, when asked about the events surrounding the accident, the only thing they could do was praise God for the “miracles” that happened along the way:

(Starting at about 5:25).  It’s difficult to watch.  A brief synopsis was in the article:

“There were so many little miracles along the way in the story that we know that God saved our lives and we are just so thankful to be here together,” said Angelo Sarna, who suffered cuts to his arm in the crash.  In the 15-minute video set to music [above] , the Sarnas, associate pastors at Grace Assembly of God in Brewster, said other friends and family were supposed to be in the car that night but that God made sure they were not.

“God” made sure that some of the people that Rachel and Angelo care about weren’t in the car.  That’s just great.  I’m happy for them.  But God’s “strategic set of little miracles”, as they put it, place plenty of other people in harm’s way, landing two of them in the hospital with serious injuries.  What about them?  Does God love or care about them any less?

Here’s my favorite part:

So we’re at dinner and I thought, “Oh, I feel so bad.  I could have picked up Abigail tonight, and taken her to dinner.”  This part always makes me cry:  How cool that God knew and he protected her from being in that car.  It’s cool.

Screw you, Rachel.  There’s a four year old kid in a children’s hospital right now with a serious head injury, and broken arm, leg, and collarbone because … why?  God knew about him too.  So … what, he chose not to protect him?  Poor little Antonio didn’t pray hard enough?  Is he not saved?  There’s nothing “cool” about looking how things worked out for you and ignoring that they most clearly did not for someone else and attributing it all to this personal god you believe is responsible for it all.

Wait, unless the things in life you like are because of God, and what you don’t like are the result of demons … yeah, that could work

“It was definitely an attack on us from the enemy trying to kill us, like trying to wipe us out of this because of what’s happening with our church,” said Rachel Sarna.

[…] the doctors told Rachel her ankle was “dust” and that there is nothing left to assemble. She may have surgery on Wednesday, he said.  In the video, Rachel Sarna talks about how she may need steel rods in her leg and that she would love to avoid that “and have the dust turn into bone.” The Bible states God made man from dust.

They concluded by saying that they were going to believe in God for incredible miracles.  I’m hoping that while we’re on the topic of miracles, and if there is a God, He might want to pop their skulls open flip-top style for a quick look under the hood.  I think their brain pans are dripping.

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14 Responses to Praise Jesus, I Got Mine!

  1. I hear you and agree, of course.

    Why didn’t god just make sure their vehicle was working properly before they hit the road? Guess he’s not a very good mechanic.

  2. Elyse says:

    God must have been really pissed at the Subaru driver and passenger to have them get slammed out of nowhere by an out of control vehicle.

    Why oh why oh why do folks like them think god spends his time following their every move? Oy vey!

  3. 4brownsocks says:

    Once again perfectly stated! Note to self…next car should be an Audi, God seems to like those more 😉

  4. TJ says:

    I live in Brewster (may I point out that it’s NY, not CT- but accident victims may have gone to the hospital in CT because it’s very close).

    Anyway, pretty much EVERYONE in town has denounced them- and this area is pretty right-leaning and religious. I’d like to see them put their money where their mouth is and suggest their followers donate to the fund that’s been set up to defray the medical costs of the little boy who was injured.

    These two are total crackpots.

    • Ah, thanks. I think I just got my geography a little mixed up.

      I’d like to see them put their money where their mouth is …

      … but he asked his church to believe for them! That’s going to help Antonio and his grandmother far more than money and the skill of trained doctors and medical staff, don’t you know that?

      *shakes head* anyway. I could even understand if someone – believer or not – uttered a “thank god” after escaping an accident like that with their lives … but to go on incessantly about how blessed they were that no one they cared about got hurt, and then go off into the weeds about how this was the work of “the enemy”? Yeah, I can imagine even conservative Christians starting to distance themselves.

      Thanks for reading, and for the comment!

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  6. Karen Lynne says:

    This video was made for their church to view. I don’t know why it went public on the Journal News.

  7. Karen Lynne says:

    A year later, now the police have found that the vehicle was not properly maintained. I’m still curious to know why the couple say the SUV accelerated. They did say the brakes didn’t work too, but wondering about the gas pedal issue and if it really did get stuck.

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