God Loves You. Everyone Else? Well …

Yesterday I wrote about Angelo and Rachel Sarna who were driving along Route 22 when their 4Runner started accelerating uncontrollably, eventually crashing head-on into both an Audi and a Subaru.  The occupants of the Subaru were both hospitalized with serious injuries, and Rachel Sarna suffered a crushed ankle that will need surgery for her to be able to walk again.

Their response, when made aware of the scope of harm done as a result of this accident, was to thank God for the “little miracles he put in place” to keep some of the people they cared about from harm … seemingly indifferent to the other people hurt in the accident that don’t have the same relationship with the lord that they do.

We’re sure that if Antonio were conscious right now, he’d agree with us!  (Photo from LoHud.com)

One person wrote in yesterday’s comments section that they live in Brewster (which is in New York, not Connecticut … thanks TJ!) and how pretty much the entire town – a relatively conservative, Christian townhas turned against them for their self-centeredness.  I’m also guessing many in the religious community are also probably distancing themselves away from the claim that this accident was an “attack by the enemy”, but nothing specific was said in that regard.

“I’m outraged by that video,” [Brewster Fire Department second assistant chief] McMurray said. “The best thing they could do is just be apologetic. They should do everything in their power to comfort the family in need.”

He said that when first responders arrived, the Subaru’s roof was ripped off, the passenger side was missing and the engine compartment was flattened.  Bouchard, he said, was trapped and the force of the accident had pushed Antonio’s head to the rear of the passenger side. Police said the boy had been sitting in a car seat behind the driver.

According to the Sarnas, this is nothing more than the result of God’s little miracles that were designed to “avoid other people being injured” … by which we must mean the members of her family because clearly it didn’t do much for others involved:

Antonio remains in intensive care at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla. On a Facebook page dedicated to him, a posting Monday night said while he had not opened his eyes, there was movement behind them as well as finger movement.

Lisa Lahm – the driver of the Audi who managed to escape injury – had some pretty strong words for them too:

… she doesn’t understand how the Sarnas are not heartbroken for the boy and his grandmother and that they should not be posting videos about what a good job they did in avoiding cars when they clearly didn’t.  “I don’t understand how come if ‘God’ was saving them they could not have driven off the road in order to stop their vehicle and not hurt anyone else,” she said.

Emily Wordsman of the Editorial Board at LoHud.com (the news site where this story first broke) said the majority of comments expressed outrage about how inappropriate it was for the Sarnas to post a video so lacking in basic empathy for the woman and her grandson.  The overall sentiment was that it should be taken down, the couple should apologize, and that the focus instead should be on those more seriously injured and unable to praise God for the “miracle” of their tragic misfortune.

If we really want to thank someone, we can start with the first responders: the police, paramedics, and fire departments.  Then, we can go to the ER personnel who dealt with their injuries when they first hit the hospital.  Finally, we can be thankful for modern medicine and the skill of the doctors attending to Antonio, Elizabeth, and Rachel, who (despite claims to the contrary) are their only hope for a full recovery.

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2 Responses to God Loves You. Everyone Else? Well …

  1. BeyondRedemption.... says:

    LUCK, has nothing to do with any mythological Ghods……………No matter what these delusional people might believe.

  2. I guess, to me, it’s just so disappointing that humans still have this kind of mindset. You think we’re evolving until people like the Sarna’s open their mouths.

    I just hope the little boy is ok.

    Oh, and I meant to say yesterday–that part where they were talking about leaving their guests at home and going to dinner–seems to me like they were just being bad hosts….God continues to reward them for their selfishness, even finding a live-in caretaker just for them.

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