Thinking Outside the Box (NSFW)

I found this video satirizing the lengths to which some Christian girls will go in order to remain “chaste” and “abstinent” while still being sexually active.  When there’s a will, and plenty of hormones … there’s a way.

Even if it’s through the back door.

I meant it when I said this isn’t safe for work.  I am not kidding.  You have been warned.

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13 Responses to Thinking Outside the Box (NSFW)

  1. Why didn’t you warn me? haha. Who thinks this stuff up? That was pretty funny.

  2. Funny, but sad at the same time. You won’t get pregnant, but that’s a heck of a place to get gonorrhea. Try hiding that in church.

    • Oh lord. That’s something I don’t want to think about. It’s very sad, too … these kids have no idea what they’re doing and how risky their behavior really is because their parents and schools (in many cases) are keeping them in the dark, leaving them to find out what can happen as a result of unprotected sex through experience.

      • The idea that if you tell them about birth control, it will make them want to have sex . . . just . . . what? I heard that from my SIL who had a baby in high school. You’d think she’d have known. But nope, wouldn’t let her kid have BC so she had a baby a couple of months before she turned 16. Sigh.

        • Charity says:

          Aliceatwonderland, as much as I love babies, this situation just makes me sad. I couldn’t imagine turning sixteen with a baby in tow. As you said, one would think that the mom learned her lesson at a young age. This is why this happens every generation in some families, there’s no changes in methods and reasoning. More than likely, it’ll happen to that baby as a teenager too, unless he/she has the courage to do things differently. Hopefully, someone down the road will be able teach that little one a better way.

        • Much in the same way seat belts and airbags created generations of reckless drivers with no consideration of the rules of the road. I mean, seriously, have you seen those maniacs in their Volvos?

          Anyway. I’m sorry to hear about your SIL and her kid … going into adolescence without the proper education is a dangerous road where unexpected pregnancy sometimes ends up being the least harmful of possible outcomes.

  3. They have a live version too.

  4. Charity says:

    Jason, thought of you today…going to my youngest boy’s new doctor was a religious experience. We were the first people in the waiting room today and at first glance, I could see three different tracts! One of them was a Chick tract titled “The Long Trip”. This office is in Memphis and the church stamp on all three tracts was a white Baptist Church in Olive Branch, Mississippi. The other two tracts were all about hell as well. Then we see his doctor who is an Orthodox Jew wearing a Yamaka, and displaying photos of his very conservatively dressed family. People wonder why us non-believers make such a big deal about religion, they don’t seem to understand how it’s everywhere we go, and we cannot escape it.

    Yeah, interesting video. I used to like to watch the one lady while she was on “Scrubs”, I know she’s on “Raising Hope” now, but I haven’t watched that show in a long time. I think it’s sad that there are actual girls out there having anal sex, I would imagine to be more painful than a virgin having vaginal sex. There’s something very disturbing with, as they say in the video “unreasonable reasoning”.

    • “The Long Trip”, huh … one of Jack’s classics. The ninth panel is the epitome of Christianity: some weirdo holding a sign trying to convince you that some snaggled, rocky path around the side of a mountain face is the only “right” path, shortly before revealing that the main road is nothing more than a giant divinely created Conveyer Belt to Hell.

      Time to find a new god, folks.

      Another related point: if you need to resort to either Jack Chick or Ray Comfort to sell your religion, you’ve lost. Hard.

      I shake my head at the attitude some people have about atheists and homosexuals “shoving their views in people’s faces”, specifically because of the kind of stuff you pointed out. Religion and heterosexuality are both so pervasive that it’s not even noticed … yet when there’s a portrayal of a non-traditional family (like that same-sex couple in the JC Penney catalog) conservatives start getting lightheaded and breathing into paper bags. To hear these objections to such a simple change in the norm just shows how effectively one particular way of life has been “shoved in our faces” for so long that it’s become invisible to most of us.

  5. Elyse says:

    It’s awful when something so reprehensible is so very true.

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