Testimony From an Israeli

Think that the bible sucks? Try reading it in Hebrew

I’m really going to leave it here.  Just read it.  It’s short, but very entertaining.

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5 Responses to Testimony From an Israeli

  1. Dan Adler says:

    I might take this post more seriously if it wasn’t written as a rant that comes across as nothing more than “I HATE RELIGION FUCK YOU”.

    • Keep in mind that you’re not really supposed to take much of the material I post on Sundays very seriously, since that’s usually the day I scour the Internet for something quick and easy to put up for my day off. It didn’t come across to me as a rant on religion, but about the way he had to study the Torah. Sure, he did say “fuck you, religion”; in the context of what he was writing about, he probably should have just said, “fuck you, Israeli school system”, since his beef was with the fact that he not only had to learn the book as a non-believer, but in the confusing language of ancient Hebrew and in agonizing, nit-picking detail:

      And a kid’s supposed to read thousands of sentences written [in ancient Hebrew] and then answer a question about what various researchers said about those sentences, and if he doesn’t get a good grade on that test, he might be rejected from going to a good college even if he wants to just go and be a doctor and go help blind cancer patients in Africa from dying and never look at another bible again.

      For the record, I’ve said the same thing about Hemingway – and still do to this day – thanks to my freshman year high school English teacher, and very little of my future depended on my mastery of his writing.

      Thank God.

      • Dan Adler says:

        I have to admit, I’ve never read Hemingway.

        I did, in high school, have to read Ayn Rand.

        Which I think may have been worse.

        • You poor bastard. Her books don’t end. I remember a young lady I dated early on in college loaned me one of her books … I think it was “Atlas Shrugged” or “The Fountainhead”. It looked like it was at least 1,500 pages and in tiny, tiny font.

          I never got past page 12. No regrets.

  2. I love that post! I don’t see it as just a rant saying “fuck you” about religion at all. When you think about it, that’s exactly what happens to people who go to church for their entire lives. I started going as an adult when I met my husband. I couldn’t make it long. But these people go for their entire lives, studying ONE BOOK. Forever. How long could it possibly take for you to understand ONE BOOK? At least going to church is (usually) a choice here, though the Religious Right would love to take that choice away. It is not a choice when it is included as part of the curriculum. Even if you want to show it as an example of some messed up reporting of history and culture, there’s no reason to continue to study it for years and years.

    I liken it to studying Hamlet for 11 years. Why would you need to do this? I’d say a semester, maybe two if you’re some sort of Shakespeare major, would be more than enough. And even that, and Hemingway (who I hated too), is clearly read as fiction. You aren’t expected to believe that crap is real and worse that it is GLORIOUS. It’s not JUST that there is rape and murder in the Bible. It’s that the rape and murder are either brushed aside or outright advocated as the way to do things. I remember a kid telling me about babies being murdered as a child. I remember the glee on the kid’s face as she described it. It horrified me beyond words, but to her it was normal. Hell with T.V. and Internet and popular culture – look at the Bible if you want something that can really desensitive you to cruelty and horror.

    I think , I hope, the main reason most people here continue to believe is because they don’t actually read their Bibles. But if you’re forced to, to actually make a living, that makes me shudder. That’s why as one commenter pointed out, the best way to make an atheist is to force them to go to an academic school with a focus on religion.

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