Torn From the Clutches of Xenu!!

Actress Leah Remini quits Scientology after years of ‘interrogations’

I honestly couldn’t care less about Leah or her personal life, and I think I’ve seen a total of one episode of “King of Queens” when I was stuck somewhere over North Dakota on a red-eye, but I wanted to show that the story here is the same as we’ve heard before countless times:  Scientologists deal with their perceived enemies through intimidation, interrogation, investigation.

“King of Queens” star Leah Remini is making a dramatic break from the Church of Scientology, a source said, after being subjected to years of “interrogations” and “thought modification” for questioning leader David Miscavige’s rule.

The source tells us Remini is quitting because of policies that don’t allow parishioners to question Miscavige’s management or the reported abuse of members of its Sea Org religious order — and for forcing followers to “disconnect” from family members branded as “suppressive persons” if they choose to leave the church.

It honestly sounds like a combination of religion and McCarthy’s red scare.  Apparently it all started when she started asking questions about the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige, the wife of the Dear Leader who has been missing since 2007.  Some folks higher up no the food chain decided that this kind of curiosity wasn’t healthy, so they put her through something called “thought modification” for the last five years or so, and got her lifelong friends to push for an investigation in to her family.

I’ve occasionally written about scientology before, and it’s never been good.  First, we have the story of Alice Wu, who was held prisoner in isolation after telling her superiors she wanted to leave the Church.  The police don’t have enough evidence to pursue a case, and her life is completely ruined after suffering multiple nervous breakdowns at the hands of these people.  Next, we get news that they’re coming to our part of town.  Oh, joy.  I saw a billboard up the other day with a picture of a young, blond haired, blue eyed woman with the words, “What is Scientology?” to her side.

I think we have a pretty good idea of what the answer is at this point.  No one needs to find out first hand anymore.

Don’t forget to check out Operation Clambake:  “Undressing the Church of Scientology since 1996!

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6 Responses to Torn From the Clutches of Xenu!!

  1. I really don’t get how this whole “freedom of religion” crap gives these people license to abuse others. Everyone is so afraid of stepping on toes that they let this crap go on and on. Scientology is nuts enough with the interrogations and Sea Org and Tom Cruise. Then you have the Mormons who build compounds to better abuse and control women and children, while we sit back and say, gee, I dunno, what can we do? It’s ridiculous.

    • There is no freedom to abuse and harass other people, nor are we free in this country to run what is – by many objective standards – nothing more than a cult based on intimidation and thought control. It’s my hope that more people expose scientology for what it truly is, thereby shaming any celebrity who wants a job into rejecting any association with them.

  2. Charity says:

    As far as I’m concerned, religion, cults, and the occult are pretty much all the same. They will all continue to exist as long as they have money and political influence. Remember when Mormonism was still considered a cult, even in the 90s? Yeah, until people stand up for themselves and for those who cannot speak for themselves, we will continue to give these organizations power. I wish I could tell everyone to quit visiting religious establishments, and stop giving money in pledges, tithes and offerings to such glorified bullies. However, most people have been duped to believe that such businesses are apart of Americana, and I’m afraid that they’ll hang on forever.

    • Charity says:

      Hello, Jason. I just nominated you for the Liebster Award.

    • … and it’s moderates who, unfortunately, end up giving some amount of validity to the ideas upon which extremism and fundamentalism are also based. In most cases, the latter simply take the position that their actions represent the original divine mandate that haven’t been sullied by the decadence and corruption of secularism (i.e. “God hates fags”, etc.).

      For as bad as it is, I’m convinced we’re on the verge of a significant shift in power from religious conservatism to mainstream “secular” Christianity over the next generation or so. There’s been a large uptick in what are basically Deists … and they’re at the expense of the population that once believed in a “personal” god. We’ll see if it translates to a difference in secular policy.

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