Jack Chick’s “The Trial” Dissected (via AliceatWonderland!)

Hey folks!  Today’s a two-fer special.  Alice, a fellow blogger and godless heathen over at “Alice at Wonderland“, graciously offered me an opportunity to write a guest post for her blog.  Since she’s a fan of my Chick Tract dissections, I thought it only fitting that I do one for her.  You can read the dissection itself here.

While you’re there, I suggest you do a little exploring.  Her topics vary much more widely than mine, and they’re all written with the kind of snark and smartassery that make you want to stick around for a cup of tea.  For example, her dissertation on 50 Shades of Grey.  (… which I’m linking to for my own use.)

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One Response to Jack Chick’s “The Trial” Dissected (via AliceatWonderland!)

  1. Thanks for the intro! I hope you enjoy the 50 Shades recaps – I would definitely recommend those over the original. I think EL James might have read a bunch of Chick Tracts as a kid – she applies the same amount of logic to her storytelling.

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