This Man Makes Laws.

Jeff Miller is a Republican Congressman from Florida who has made waves in recent days over his promise to de-fund the Environmental Protection Agency on the basis that its continued existence and enforcement of regulations would only hurt the growth of the companies that are contributing to global warming.  But don’t worry.  Despite the overwhelming consensus by the scientific community that anthropogenic climate change is real and the planet is warming, God has the whole thing pretty much covered and we have nothing to fear.

There is a very good chance this man has never opened a book without a cross on the cover.

“I have scientists that I rely on, the scientists that I rely on say our climate has changed,” Miller said. “Look, it wasn’t just a few years ago, what was the problem that existed? It wasn’t global warming, we were gonna all be an ice cube. We’re not ice cubes. Our climate will continue to change because of the way God formed the Earth.”

If by “a few” you mean the 1970s, then yes … there was some thought at the time that we were going through a period of global cooling because of observed temperature trends from 1940 to about 1970.  The problem is that this notion had very little support where it counted most:  the scientific community.  In fact, looking back at the last century, the average global temperature has gone up by 1.4 degrees F, with two thirds of that increase occurring since 1980.  And if it’s one thing of which we’re pretty sure at this point, we’ve been helping this process along.

So … I don’t know what scientists you’re relying on, but they either don’t have much experience in climatology, don’t have degrees in relevant fields, or simply don’t exist.  My money’s on the last one.

A large study that examined thousands of peer-reviewed research articles found 97.1 percent agreed that climate change was caused by human activity. Research has found that resistance to curbing climate change is motivated in part by Christian religious beliefs.

You heard that right, folks.  One of the reasons why there is so much resistance to climate change is because there are enough people in this country who literally believe that the only way the earth is really going to end is when Jeezus comes down from the heavens to lay the smackdown on Satan and his minions after the Rapture.  Since we all know that this is going to happen in our lifetimes (Jesus said it himself!), none of us has to worry.

So vote for (*checks the top of the post because I already forgot his name*) Jeff Miller!  He not only rejects science, but is convinced that God will break his 3,200 year reputation of answering and denying prayers in a manner indistinguishable from random chance, step up to the plate, and fix the environment after we’ve spent the last 150 years or so completely assing it up.

What?  This is a sure thing!  He’s due!!

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6 Responses to This Man Makes Laws.

  1. Jeez. It’s politicians like Miller and Perry and shows like Fox and Limbaugh’s that perpetuate these myths. I’m particularly irritated right now (as you know from my recent post) because our city recently got rid of our Office of Environmental Stewardship just because of a few very loud voices. In Texas, we don’t want to limit in any way, the ability of businesses to do whatever they want. So we suffer, especially the children, elderly and the ill. Our county has been an ozone nonattainment area for years without repercussions. The TCEQ is useless because we are under republican control. I suspect this is the case for many states, not just Texas.

    • Reminds me of everything that led up to the West Fertilizer explosion. These same people beat their chests about how the government has no right to step in and impose their evil regulation on the will of the good, hardworking people of Texas … yet clearly the government needs to step in since some corporations can’t be trusted to conduct business in such a way that they don’t end up killing people through gross negligence.

  2. I just wanted to add one more thing. My city, which calls itself, “Unique by Nature,” was, at one time, very progressive here in TX.

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