It’s Falling on Deaf Ears

Rowan Williams tells ‘persecuted’ western Christians to grow up

I admit, the headline and first few paragraphs were the reason I chose this article to write about, even if the bulk of the piece is about the role of spirituality in life and the future of the church in the 21st century.  That’s quite alright.  Here’s what got my attention:

Christians in Britain and the US who claim that they are persecuted should “grow up” and not exaggerate what amounts to feeling “mildly uncomfortable”, according to Rowan Williams, who last year stepped down as archbishop of Canterbury after an often turbulent decade.  […]

Zip it, bitches. (Photograph: Murdo Macleod for the Guardian)

True persecution was “systematic brutality and often murderous hostility that means that every morning you wonder if you and your children are going to live through the day”. He cited the experience of a woman he met in India “who had seen her husband butchered by a mob”.

No doubt there is very real and very deadly persecution of Christians taking place in other parts of the world.  Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and India come readily to mind but there are many others.  In some places, as Williams points out, they fear for their lives and those of their families every single day.  They would take one look at those bobble-headed lunatics over at Fox News and laugh their heads off as they hear interminable wailing and gnashing of teeth about the “coming Christian Holocaust” because the business they own can’t refuse service to homosexuals, or that they have to take down a religious monument from the front lawn of a public courthouse because it’s in violation of our nation’s constitution.  I know of a lot of people in the developing world who would give a couple of limbs to swap places with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Tony Perkins, Bryan Fischer, and Ray Comfort.

Hell, they wouldn’t last ten minutes.

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One Response to It’s Falling on Deaf Ears

  1. Bobbleheads on Fox News – I have never heard them described better. Nice to hear a respected religious figure saying shuddup – maybe they might actually listen to him.

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