Crimes Against Logic

Introducing “The Primates” … a new comic series by the makers “Evolution vs. God“.  If you ever wanted to see a concentrated demi-glace of creationist thinking when it comes to atheism and evolution, this is it.  Here’s an example:

Seems like the only people who will find this funny or coherent are the ones who have never read a science book before in their lives.

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4 Responses to Crimes Against Logic

  1. MichaelB says:

    Or the ones who have read a science book and are adept at compartmentalization.

    • I think, for the most part, even people who have managed to allow faith and skepticism to coexist in their heads generally don’t hold such overly simplistic views of atheism. (I hope, anyway.)

  2. creativerealms says:

    Ray Comfort has a very interesting view of atheists. It’s in no way correct. He sees them as being willfully ignorant, pretending God does not exist and attaching themselves to Evolution because it removes their morals. This comic strip clearly comes from that mind. One who knows nothing and does not want to because knowledge is evil.

    This is the man who wants to take down evolution, the man whose best argument against abortion was Godwins law. A man who thinks whales have gills and invertebrates are not animals. This man does not deserve our attention. He is a joke.

    • You and I may not think he deserves attention, but he’s getting it among a significant percentage of our scientifically illiterate population that still believes in the 6-day creation myth. His videos and movies are constantly edited to convey the idea that there is no evidence for evolution, even among evolutionary biologists who clearly know and can demonstrate otherwise. Because our media system constantly pushes for this notion of “equal time” for opposing views, many people are convinced that evolution and creation are simply two equally valid positions that have the same evidence to support them.

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