A Baker’s Dozen Plus One

New Zealand gay couples hold first weddings

Today, New Zealand became the 14th nation in the world and the first in the region to legalize same-sex marriage.  Thirty one couples queued up to be married early this morning, and over a thousand more from neighboring Australia are expected in the next few months, even though it won’t be recognized in their home country.

It obviously wasn’t without its opponents:

Conservative lobby group Family First said changing the Marriage Act was “an arrogant act of cultural vandalism” which did not have a public mandate.

I always thought that a more egregious act of cultural vandalism was desperately holding on to archaic cultural mandates that have no practical social value or basis in rationality.  Whether the adoption of same sex marriage is approved by the majority of the public or not doesn’t change the fact that it’s an end to discrimination against a demographic that deserves equal recognition for the love they have with their partners.

The law change has angered some religious leaders, with the Anglican Church asking its ministers not to conduct the weddings pending a report to its general synod next year.

Catholic bishops have opposed the weddings outright while other denominations have been split.

Sooooo … par for the course.  Nothing new.  I don’t have any additional commentary but just wanted to bring a little attention to New Zealand and its recent development.  Maybe this will inspire the Australia to push for something a little more comprehensive than the domestic partnership laws currently in the books, but at least they have some degree of recognition for the time being.

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