This Man Makes Laws, Part 312

Senator Jason Rapert has publicly admitted that he is violating the Establishment Clause of the Constitution as well as his oath of office by not representing his constituents, but rather what he believes in his mind to be the will of God.  When speaking at a “Faith2Action” banquet, he had this to say about the job he swore to do:

” … and I just decided.  There’s only one vote that matters in my life.  Unfortunately, it’s not the 83, 85 thousand people in my district; there’s only one vote that matters, and that’s when I stand before the lord of that judgment seat.  And that’s when I decided it’s more important to do what is right by God than it is to please those that would rather have me talk about pro-life but not really do much about pro-life.”

… it’s a spiritual warfare.  Ephesians 6 is true!

For those who aren’t familiar, Ephesians 6 talks about fighting against the forces of darkness after donning the armor of righteousness, the shield of truth, the frilly trousers of faith and the sparkly, diamond-studded codpiece of salvation … “for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Well, that’s just great.  Here’s a guy whose ultimate moral and legislative authority has nothing to do with the roughly eighty thousand people he’s supposed to represent, but a genocidal 3,000 year old war god with an allergy to shellfish and a “problem” with iron chariots.

I’ve mentioned Rapert before, and it’s never been good.  Back in July I wrote about his having sponsored a bill that has effectively banned abortion in Arkansas after 12 weeks, regardless of its inevitable reversal by the courts.  He’s likened abortion to the Rwandan genocide, and … well … there’s this:

In June of 2011 he spoke at the “Convocation to Honor Jesus … The King” (the blue eyed Scandinavian, not the actual Middle Eastern dude) as the special guest with his talk entitled “Honoring Jesus in America Again”.  I guess this shouldn’t come as any surprise given he’s the president and founder of Holy Ghost Ministries, Inc.  , which is “dedicated to preaching the Word of God, a pure gospel message, without reservation“.

This man has no business in a job where he’s supposed to represent the citizens of his district when he’s made it abundantly clear that he’s neither capable nor willing to do it.  If this were an outspoken Muslim speaking with the same passion and conviction about following the will of Allah, you could bet a month’s salary he’d be the subject of of a Republican led Congressional investigation into his fitness to hold office just long enough to get his room ready at Guantanamo.  Thankfully for Rapert, he’s Christian and therefore is given a pass on believing in angels and demons, legislating based on the will of God and not the people, and divorcing himself from reality because it bears some vague resemblance to what 85% of the American population believes.

Senator Jason, you are sullying my good name.  Please stop.

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