It’s Adapt or Die.

I got lazy, and it got really late by the time I got around to thinking of what to do for Monday’s post.  So, instead of my regularly scheduled complaining (which will resume tomorrow), I give to you another comic about evolution, this time courtesy of xkcd.

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2 Responses to It’s Adapt or Die.

  1. Cute. Will religion adapt or die?

    By the way, you hardly seem “lazy.”

    • Haha, thanks. I feel that way whenever I decide to punt and post a comic or throwaway for a non-Sunday … even if it’s a self-imposed requirement that I write every day to begin with.

      I personally think that religion will be around for a long time, but Christianity will likely turn into more of a philosophy focused around the Sermon on the Mount with less of an emphasis on the literal reality of Jesus’ life and supposed resurrection. By then I also hope that Islam will have achieved the reformation it so desperately needs … but that depends largely on the amount of outside help given to those societies that have adopted it to ensure access to food, basic health needs, and education. That’s going to take a longer time … but if it happens I think even Islam will be largely secularized as well.

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