Don’t Tell Me. Tell Your “Leaders”.

Yesterday Miss Pink took me out to Timberline where I had the pleasure of attending the Wild About Game event held at the lodge.  It was absolutely amazing.  I had the opportunity to try various cured meats, wagyu beef, grilled elk, elk tongue, Iberico pork, quail (the meat and the egg), and venison.  I topped it all off with a foie gras / chocolate spread.  Only now am I getting hungry again.

Now, for today’s story.

Apparently Dan Savage – author and LGBT rights advocate – got so tired of having people approach him after his talks to assure him that not all Christians condemned homosexuality that he finally suggested they send the same message to their leaders in hopes of changing their message.

Well, what do you know.

Christian blogger John Shore and Wayne Besen, from Truth Wins Out, with the blessing and support of Savage, have launched NALT, The Not All Christians Are Like That Project. Based on the format of the “It Gets Better” campaign, the website launched on September 4th as a platform for Christians who want to send a direct message of welcome and acceptance to the LGBT community.

Shortly after going live there were several dozen videos from a fairly wide range of Christian denominations already on their site, giving hope that this will shortly become an effective and popular means to bring attention to the disconnect between believers and the message of their churches.  Not only that, but it will hopefully give comfort to members of the LGBT community who have been treated with cruelty and hostility by believers who thought they were somehow doing their eternal souls a favor.

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One Response to Don’t Tell Me. Tell Your “Leaders”.

  1. SHOCK. Miracles do happen, I guess?

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