The Ancient, Mystical Society of … No Homos.

Oh, you’ll love this.  John Stemberger, a former Eagle Scout who spearheaded the opposition to homosexual youths joining the Boy Scouts of America, has founded a new scouting organization called Trail Life USA.

Its motto is “walk worthy,” and the group says it will focus on adventure, character and leadership.

I wonder what it says about the character of its founder that this organization’s entire existence is owed to the BSA’s recent decision to allow gay kids to join.  Here’s their promotional video.  The music sounds like it came right out of a Dark Knight preview:

Now, technically, they supposedly do allow gay kids to join; however, they can’t be open about it, they can’t engage in any sexual activity (though neither can the hetero kids), and they can’t do anything to “promote” their sexuality.  I take this to mean that it’s every potentially homosexual or bisexual child’s responsibility to stay in the closet and encourage everyone else who might share their issues to do the same.  Certainly a strong foundation upon which to build an entire generation of closeted, self-hating homosexuals.

Oh, they also don’t let transgender kids join:

Youth membership in the program is open to all who meet the membership requirements, and is currently designed for biologically male children under the age of 18.

Just in case other members of the LGBT community felt left out.  My favorite line from this guy is here:

“Real men value truth over tradition,” he told the assembled crowd. “Real men value principle over program, and they value integrity over institutions.”

I can’t imagine that he has the first clue what he’s saying.  Truth over tradition? How about the truth that homosexuality isn’t a mental illness despite its traditional classification as such?  Or the truth that children who are adopted by same sex parents do just as well as those adopted by their “traditional” counterparts?  It’s biblical tradition that demands that people like him hate the entire LGBT community, but the truth is that they’re not the problem.  He is.

If this guy had any principles that allowed him a sense of common decency, he would take a step back from what he’s doing and realize the message he’s sending to the rest of the country.  As I said before, it says a lot about a man’s principles that he created a scouting club in response to the fact that the BSA now allows gay kids to join.  I don’t know how else I can put this, but how much of a homophobic douche do you have to be to take it this far?  They can call themselves whatever they like, but in the end, they’re just what the title says:  “No Homos”.

Then there’s integrity over institutions, because after all, there’s nothing more important than standing up for what you believe in, and making sure you’re consistent in your adherence to biblical principles.  I can’t say for sure based on what’s on their website, but I assume that they have the same prohibition against children whose parents are divorced and re-married.  Or maybe they go full Israelite and forbid shellfish, mixed fibers, and eating animals with cloven hooves?  Hey, if you’re going to stick with parts of the bible that supposedly condemn homosexuality, you have to do the rest of it too or else you just look kind of dumb.  I do hope, though, that you’ll hold off on sticking entirely to script, especially in the case of Leviticus 20:13.  Integrity and principle only get you so far in a secular society these days.

In their website, they describe themselves as holding an unapologetically Christian worldview … which basically boils down to the fact that they’re more than willing to turn off their common sense, individuality, and whatever critical thinking skills they may have acquired over the years in favor of whatever a 2,000 year old book tells them to think.  Hey, thinking is hard after all … especially in a modern society when it’s not as simple as stoning your neighbor for adultery anymore.  It reminds me of the phrase “zero tolerance”.  You know for sure that when you hear it, someone is using it as an excuse to give up the burden of rational judgment and just point – wall-eyed and helpless – to words printed on a page.

Well, John … good luck with your little club.  Here in America you have the right to do it, but it’s sad that this is the hill you’re willing to die on.

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5 Responses to The Ancient, Mystical Society of … No Homos.

  1. Adam Benton says:

    “It’s the society of no homos, We’re allowed to have one.”

    • creativerealms says:

      Simpson’s did it.

    • Great post, Jason. You’re very entertaining. I like that phrase ” homophobic douche.” That summed it all up. Did you read that the BSA had to increase its dues recently due to a decline in membership (their new policy on gays)?

      • I always chuckle when I hear about large groups of people threatening to leave an organization / group / country when things don’t go the way they want them to. If they make up a significant enough percentage of the total population, then the remainder is only going to become that much more of what they hated to begin with. If they had any sense, they’d stay … and try like hell to bring in more people who share their sentiment. As it is, the BSA is going to go the way of the Girl Scouts.

        And we all know how *they* turned out. Little hussies.

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