Missionary Work

If acts of compassion nor mercy are contingent upon their recipients sitting through a sales pitch for your religion, then you’re doing something seriously wrong.

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2 Responses to Missionary Work

  1. I used to hate it when missionaries came to church wanting money. These are the same people who would scoff at homeless people right here in our city who asked for a handout, but it’s okay for them to have their only work be converting people to religion. I think it’s nice that they do give food or build shelters (though mostly I see them building churches), but like you said, it shouldn’t be contingent on having to listen to a Jesus spiel. I wonder how many say “Sure, Jesus is great!” just to get fed and then go back to whatever they were doing before. I know I would, if my family were hungry enough.

    • Absolutely. I’m reminded of the people who say they would go on some murderous rampage if they knew there wasn’t a god watching over their shoulder all the time. It’s all bullshit if your acts of kindness are just a tool to recruit new members or a way to avoid punishment from Big Brother. I’m reminded of Matt Dillahunty from Atheist Experience, who said something like, “we give out food too … only we don’t hold your sandwich hostage for Jesus.”

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