You’re the Joke, Guys.

Last year, then 14-year old Malala Yousafzai was shot three times on her way to school by a Taliban hit squad, who saw her and her vocal advocacy for education as a threat to their efforts in establishing their rule of law in the region.  After some time in the hospital, she made a full recovery and is now continuing her education in England.  She also has a part-time gig as a spokesperson for womens education and has even spoken at the UN.

Malala Yousafzai speaking at Harvard in September (from ABC)

The Taliban, in the meantime, reiterated their intent to make sure that if they ever had the opportunity, they would try to kill her again.

“We targeted Malala Yousafzai because she attacked Islam and make a jokes on Islam, if we found her again then we would definitely try to kill her and will feel proud on her death,” Shahidullah Shahid told ABC News. “We didn’t target her for spreading education in her area, we targeted her for making jokes of Islam, and that was enough reason for attacking her.”

These guys are even more pathetic than I first thought.  First, because this explanation is bullshit, and second because it makes them come off as even more unhinged from reality than simply saying “we hate education”.  It’s not as if there’s no precedent in that regard, since they’ve made numerous attempts to take over the region and ban girls from attending school.  They may not necessarily have wanted to do anything to the other students at that particular time … i don’t know the degree of control they had over the region during the time of the attack … but I’d bet a month’s salary that if they were calling the shots without fear of retribution, that entire bus would have been on fire with everyone still inside.

Instead, Shahid is saying it’s because she “joked” about Islam, while another cleric referred to her efforts as “running a smear campaign” by writing about them and their efforts online.  It’s like I said the other day:  if your religion demands you seek out and murder someone for insults like drawing an image of your prophet, criticizing the Quran, or, in the case of Malala, becoming an advocate for education, then neither you nor your religion deserves any consideration or respect from the modern world.

You can check out Malala’s blog here.

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4 Responses to You’re the Joke, Guys.

  1. saab93f says:

    The same deity that makes the Taliban act like that is also present in every xian church and chapel, in every prayer or sermon. That is a sobering thought and one that Sam Harris has proposed explaining why the moderates are really the key to clarity. They allow for the extremists to survive because…after all they are not atheists.

    • Moderates’ belief also acts as an enabler to the fundamentalists, because really, when they’ve gone so far as to buy into the supernatural stories of miracles, demons, winged horses, and global floods that left no trace, there’s more separating them from atheists than with the people who simply take more brutal measures to enforce the divine mandates within the holy book to which they both swear allegiance.

      • saab93f says:

        Exactly so. I believe that was Sam Harris´point as well.
        To me it just reeks a bit of desperation – the believers are scared sh**less that their delusions might be exposed and more and more people would rid themselves of religions. Attack is their defense – fortunately facts and reason are ours 🙂

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