I’m Sure They Were Just Thinking of the Children

… or at least that’s the excuse they’re likely to give.  Long story short, a private school in Monterrey, Mexico decided to expel a young girl solely on the basis of her parents’ sexuality and their refusal to hide themselves from the rest of the parents during school functions.

Alex, Pepe, and their daughter, whose birthday wish was for 1024 X 768 resolution.

Cute.  “Hi, we’ll take your money, but make sure you’re not seen because you’ll make us look bad and other parents might be offended that homosexuals exist and can do things heterosexual couples can.”

“They were asking me to give up all of my rights as parent at the school,” Alex said. “I would’ve had to not participate in school or social activities. I was to not communicate with anybody nor attend together, as a family, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day celebrations as long as she was attending the school.”

The couple found the conditions unacceptable, and the school expelled the girl just a few days later.

“They saw us through the door’s window and locked the door,” Pepe said. “The receptionist went to the back of the office. After waiting for 10 minutes, they sent an employee escorted by a security guard to tell us that the girl had been officially expelled.”

Sounds like a great place to give your child an education.  Sounds to me like you dodged a bullet.

The couple filed a complaint with the government against the school, both for their discriminatory practices and the fact that they have yet to get their money back (good luck with that one).  The parents claim that their rights are being violated because the law states that every child is entitled to an education in Mexico; however, I’m not sure how well that will stand, given they have the option to go to any other school – especially a public school – and not face the same issues they’re facing at the Hills Institute.

It sounds as though there’s a strong enough case for Alex and Pepe on the basis of the Mexican national constitution, which is identical in this context to the Nuevo Leon (in which Monterrey is located) state constitution:

Article 1 of the Mexican Constitution states that “discrimination on the basis of ethnic or national origin, gender, age, disability status, social status, health, religion, political persuasion, sexual orientation, civil status or any other that infringes against human dignity or diminishes rights or liberties of the people is hereby prohibited.”

The article I got that from also points out that the school knew full well back in August that they were a homosexual couple, but took until now to start making a fuss over it.  I’m wondering if some of the local parents complained and threatened to take their children out of the school if something wasn’t done.  In some of these discrimination cases, the root cause might be bigotry and ignorance, but in the view of the school it may just be coming down to an issue of money.

The couple brought this to the attention of the media because they hope the publicity will force the government to do something about it.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, they’re looking for other schools and trying to explain to their daughter exactly what the hell happened.  Poor kid is going to grow up convinced that some adults are no more mature than that kid in her class that eats the glue when Teacher isn’t looking.  Good life lesson.

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2 Responses to I’m Sure They Were Just Thinking of the Children

  1. Sad. I can imagine other parents would put pressure on the school because it then puts them in the uncomfortable position of having to explain to their kids how the daddy on daddy thing works. Yet if introduced matter-of-factly to children at a young age, they have a chance of growing up without bigotry and ignorance.

  2. CHope says:

    Oh, dear, this is simply nothing more than a stupid superiority complex on the school’s part. Some people really have it in their heads that if kids don’t come from a good Christian home with both a mom and a dad then that child is dirty or dysfunctional. I get so sick of that bull shit! My husband and I both came from homes like that and let me tell you, we are still trying to deal with the damage done to us by our good ole’ heterosexual, Christian parents. I hope this couple finds a great school for their small child, one that is far superior to the POS she was attending.

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