God, Freemasons, Dark Sided …

I had a class last night, so here’s a quick two-fer.

First, courtesy of my friend Dan, we have a decision from Oregon’s Department of Justice recognizing the legality of same-sex marriages from out of state.  Too bad we still don’t have it here yet.  I firmly believe we’ll get there, even if we’re taking a legislative approach reminiscent of Zeno’s goddamned Paradox.

“The state of Oregon has typically recognized legal, out-of-state marriages,” said Department of Administrative Services spokesman Matt Shelby.

Because of that history, plus the U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act, Oregon could have been in legal trouble if it did not honor marriages legal in other states.

Basic Rights Oregon started a petition back in February to get another measure regarding same-sex marriage on the ballot for the 2014.  As of August they were halfway to their goal of about 120,000 signatures.  They’ll have what they need by the election, but time will tell whether it will go our way this time.  I was surprised enough when Measure 36 passed, so I”m not making any assumptions.

Dammit, Oregon, get with the program!

Second, courtesy of Miss Pink who told me about some drama that unfolded during the House vote on Wednesday:

The woman was identified as Dianne Reidy with the Office of the Clerk.  She’s currently in the hospital, and at this point she hasn’t been charged. Hopefully she’ll get the counseling she needs, and maybe a little rest outside the Beltway.  (That’s the honest truth, by the way … usually I’m being a smartass about this kind of stuff, but I honestly do hope she gets some help.)

All things considered, she was right about this not being “one nation under God”, but I think I see it as more of a statement of fact and not a sign of the times.

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3 Responses to God, Freemasons, Dark Sided …

  1. Not to ignore the other part of your post, but I also saw that story Miss Pink brought to your attention. The irony is, had the woman been in a church when she was saying all of that, she would not have been taken for a mental evaluation. Hmmmm….

    • Context is everything. You can say some of the weirdest shit in church and because people assume it’s the spirit moving you, it’s given a pass. I honestly have to say, though, that I’m still surprised she was taken for evaluation. Given how some of the members of Congress talk and act when speaking to their constituents, you think they’d be used that that kind of talk by now.

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