The Illogical School: Moving the Goalposts

From Wikipedia, moving the goalposts is defined as a logical fallacy ” … in which evidence presented in response to a specific claim is dismissed and some other (often greater) evidence is demanded.

This particular example isn’t an argument, but rather an attempt at persuading consumers to buy one of their products … in this case, a slow cooker.  You’ll notice the large sign saying “55% off!”, with a price of $149.95.

Problem is, it usually goes for $199.95.  You can see the price on the shelf below.  The 55% discount is based on an MSRP of $365.00, which they never charge.  So, while their claim is technically correct, they’re referencing a fictitious price.  That said, a 25% discount is certainly good enough incentive to consider buying this machine in its own right, making me wonder why they went out of their way to pull this crap in the first place.


It’s sales tactics like this that make me go to other places for my business.  Sur la Table, for example.  I hear they have good Dutch ovens …

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One Response to The Illogical School: Moving the Goalposts

  1. Adam Benton says:

    Not charging the full price your discounting from became such a problem here in the UK that now stores have to put a label on the offer explaining when and where it was sold at the full price (which must be longer than the length of the offer)

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