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The Body, Blood, and Gravy Fries of Christ.

I have to admit that when it comes to new, interesting, or “controversial” food ideas, I’m pretty much fair game.  Monkfish liver?  You bet!  Elk tongue with deep fried okra and shallot confit?  Pile it on!  Horsehair crab, with a … Continue reading

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Missionary Work

If acts of compassion nor mercy are contingent upon their recipients sitting through a sales pitch for your religion, then you’re doing something seriously wrong.

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Well. This One’s New.

So the residents of Oklahoma City were at the center of yet another controversy a few days ago when a new religious monument appeared. Only this time, it’s on private property … namely, a restaurant called the Paseo Grill.  And … Continue reading

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This Should Be Illegal Anyway, Just on Principle.

US judge changes baby’s name from Messiah to Martin There is no part of this story that is not weird.  The parents of Messiah DeShawn Martin went to court to settle on the boy’s last name in the heat of … Continue reading

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God Works in Marsupial Ways.

Praise the lord and all of his angels, it’s a miracle!  God is good! Kangaroo keeps missing boy warm And how many people immediately thought of this scene from Empire Strikes Back? Come on, admit it.  Okay, maybe not, but … Continue reading

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Alice vs. Some Mad Hatters

Today’s edition of Crimes Against Divinity comes to you courtesy of Alice from “Alice at Wonderland”, who hosted one of my Chick tract dissections yesterday.  If you haven’t already taken a look at her blog, get your ass over there.  … Continue reading

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Testimony From an Israeli

Think that the bible sucks? Try reading it in Hebrew I’m really going to leave it here.  Just read it.  It’s short, but very entertaining.

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