In what can only be described as conclusive evidence that the Christian Right has a firm, two-handed gelding-grip on the ruling members of the GOP, the Republican National Committee unanimously adopted – without the benefit of debate – a number of resolutions including issues regarding same-sex marriage.  Here’s some of the text, courtesy of ThinkProgress, plus some of my own dictation (Ms. Pink wasn’t around):

WHEREAS, the institution of marriage is the solid foundation upon which our society is built and in which children thrive; it is based in the conjugal relationship that only a man and a woman can form; […]

WHEREAS, the future of our country is children; it has been proven repeatedly that the most secure and nurturing environment in which to raise healthy well adjusted children is in a home where both mother and father are bound together in a loving marriage; […]

WHEREAS, no Act of human government can change the reality that marriage is a natural and most desirable union; especially when procreation is a goal; […] therefore be it

RESOLVED, the Republican national Committee affirms its support for marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and as the optimum environment in which to raise healthy children for the future of America.

In short, the GOP seems to think that tacking on an all-caps “WHEREAS” in front of a statement will simply make it true, no matter how idiotic it might be or how many times it’s been proven false by people who actually know what the hell they’re talking about.  For example, the American Sociological Association filed an amicus brief in opposition to DOMA back during the end of February on this very topic.  This was their conclusion, based on actual research:

“When the social science evidence is exhaustively examined—which the ASA has done—the facts demonstrate that children fare just as well when raised by same-sex parents,” states the ASA amicus brief. “Unsubstantiated fears regarding same-sex child rearing do not overcome these facts and do not justify upholding DOMA and Proposition 8.” 

The same time this brief was filed, a study was published by Cambridge University that looked at 130 adoptive families and arrive at the same conclusion:  families with same sex parents (who, FYI, would like very much to be bound together in loving marriage) are just as capable of raising healthy, well-adjusted children as “traditional” parents.  Again, adding a WHEREAS to something that says otherwise doesn’t make it so.

Unfortunately, as ThinkProgress points out, this is the way they’re going to act as long as the Christian Right is funding their campaigns.

Adoption of these resolutions followed threats this week from social conservative groups that they would no longer support the GOP if the party didn’t stand strong, and even take guidance, from them on issues like same-sex marriage and abortion. In particular, the Family Research Council urged supporters not to give money to the GOP if it didn’t “grow a backbone.”

I’ve always been of the opinion that the last thing you want to do is be indebted to a crazy person.  Or, in this case, a large number of crazy people.  That’s where the GOP is right now, and they’re getting worse.  They’ve chosen to pander to people with such an ignorant, fearful, and prejudicial view of the world that whenever confronted in public, they feel compelled to put science and religion on equal footing, legislate a moral code that has no place in 21st century Western society, or give audience to any fool with a conspiracy theory that happens to further their agenda.

The sooner Republicans cut the cord and loose their dependency on such lunacy, the faster we can dismiss into obscurity the more vocal elements of our population still fixated on viewing reality through the broken lens of an obsolete religious code.  We’ll still be pulling our collective hair out on their refusal to work with a Democratic president, their instinctual need to shut down the government and screw the working poor, but at least one unhealthy influence won’t be part of the mix anymore.

Meanwhile, though, it looks like the GOP took a stand and showed the world they’re firmly entrenched in the 1950s.  How long they’ll stay there is anyone’s guess.

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2 Responses to WHEREAS

  1. dam says:

    Nice post, Senator Jason. I think the only reason why many of the GOP want in our bedrooms is b/c there is a financial cost to them if marriage is more inclusive. Then there are folks who are just along for the ride because their preacher said so.

    • I’ve touched on some of this in other posts (i.e. I don’t want to sound like a broken record), but I think we would see a significantly different body of legislation coming from Congress – especially Republicans – if its members were more directly affected by what it passed. That’s the only time we see social liberalism from the GOP … if they (or by association, a loved one) are otherwise harmed by a more “traditional” view of morality. Speaking generally, the cost would come not only from those who hold the purse strings in the Christian Right but also from those within the party who seemingly view nonconformity as a character flaw. The only Republicans who feel free enough to speak their minds are those who have less political capital to lose – all you need to do is take a look at the amicus brief filed by the GOP, which was signed by no sitting members of Congress or anyone in significant leadership positions.

      If some of these people cared a little less about filling their coffers from their traditional cash cows and more about doing what they apparently already know is right, we’d probably see a significantly more liberal GOP.

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